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Foreplay | A Lethal Weapon For Pleasurable Experience

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Foreplay | A Lethal Weapon For Pleasurable Experience

What Is Foreplay?foreplay

Foreplay is the engagement of your partner in oral stimulation, touching, massage and other forms of interaction that precede sexual intercourse. For women, foreplay is what gets them in the mood and also allows them to achieve the fullest orgasmic response. In these ways, foreplay is a truly lethal weapon for pleasurable intercourse.

Why Foreplay Is A Lethal Weapon?

Because women don’t usually achieve orgasm during sex, foreplay can be a device for many things, including sexual manipulation. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing because using foreplay to arouse and stimulate your partner has many positive effects. Keep this in mind, as foreplay is discussed further in this article.

How To Perform Foreplay?

Think of foreplay in terms of sensual arousal and stimulation. Massage and touching are very important tools in the foreplay arsenal. Learn to get her ready for sex by building up to it slowly. After spending some serious time establishing tactile intimacy, go ahead and engage her in oral sex. If possible, don’t ask her to reciprocate. This is a huge turn on for many women, but should at least surprise her.

Whatever you do, make the foreplay all about her needs and not yours. This makes it an especially lethal weapon, sexually speaking. The goal is to give her a full orgasm before engaging in any kind of sexual activity. This is what makes the most lethal weapon of all, as a man giving her pleasure.

How Foreplay Helps?

Foreplay helps get women in the mood and enjoy sex in the following ways. These are the primary ways, but not the only ones. Once a man knows his woman’s favourite foreplay recipe, there are many others to unlock, but this list is a good start for beginners.

1) Foreplay Helps to Initiate & Stimulate Her

In general, foreplay helps get a woman’s motor running. She thinks of sex in terms of physical intimacy and interactive stimulation. You need to engage her in these ways if she is going to truly enjoy any type of sexual intercourse or other activities. Even going through the motions helps, but try to be sincere when in the midst of foreplay. Most women can tell the difference.

2) Foreplay Ensures Pleasurable Intercourse for Her

A woman needs to be wet inside and warmed up, so that sexual intercourse is comfortable for her body. If she doesn’t feel this way, all the sex drive in the world won’t keep her in the mood. She will become physically tired, dry inside and limited in her patience. Foreplay is the best way to ensure that her body is ready to have intercourse, especially if you are a male who has stamina. If you engage her well in your foreplay, she will probably let you go for much longer.

3) Foreplay Helps Alleviating Her Stress

Women release stress by feeling good about themselves and their bodies. Just engaging in foreplay is a great stress reliever for any woman, especially if it is done correctly. Once you get to know your partner, her body will become like a lock with a specific combination. Therefore, it is possible to learn how to give her great pleasure and release stress, just by having some foreplay before each sexual session together. Remember, a relaxed woman will stay in bed longer and be willing to do whatever feels good. That’s how to have really good sex.

4) Foreplay Raises Chances of Making Her Orgasm

The easiest way to make most women cum is during oral sex and hot foreplay. As stated above, once a man knows his partner and her body well, making her relax becomes easy. Once you know what gets a woman relaxed, making her orgasm is usually simple. Find her timing, rhythm and listen to what sounds she is making. These are all you need to tune into to make her orgasm again and again. Do this regularly and she will be entranced with having you do it again. 

So Use This Lethal Weapon To Hit The Target!!!

If you want to keep a woman happy in bed, then learn to use foreplay to your advantage. There is no more powerful weapon that you can have in your sexual arsenal. Getting your partner aroused means becoming an expert in foreplay. So get to work men and use your most lethal weapon in the bedroom.

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