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The Positives and Negatives of Megaways Video Slots


The Positives and Negatives of Megaways Video Slots

The Megaways game engine has been everywhere over the past few years, players mainly love it although there are some detractors. There are many positives and negatives associated with Megaways video slots – also try Slingo Rainbow Riches.


The Megaways game engine was one of the most popular things in recent slot history. It was developed by Australian company Big Time Gaming and it became a hit with players thanks to the release of Bonanza Megaways. The Megaways game engine completely transformed how players enjoy slot games by increasing the amount of reels and paylines involved, this ended up increasing the chances of a player winning. Most Megaways slots boasted over 2,000 different ways for the player to win. Although their popularity has cooled somewhat since their initial peak, Megaways is still an incredibly well liked game engine amongst players thanks to the variety of games that use the game engine and the sheer payout potential that the slots offer.


Megaways games were literally everywhere at one point, there is no denying that many players enjoyed this unique slot game engine. There are undoubtedly many positives that players will receive when using a Megaways game.

  1. More ways to win – The most obvious positive is the amount of ways that a player can win. There are literally over 2,000 different ways! This can add to the excitement and enjoyment that a player gets from a game as well as potentially add to their overall payout.
  2. Unique game engine – One thing that can be said about the Megaways series of games is that they are one of a kind, there was nothing like before it was released. This game engine is perfect if you are a player who gets bored of the same old slot game, it has a one of a kind reel design and offers many unique ways to win.
  3. Fun – Perhaps the biggest positive when it comes to Megaways games, they are plain old fun. With so many different ways to win and a fun selection of titles to choose from, Megaways games are incredibly enjoyable for players.


Although Megaways slot games have proven to be extremely popular with players, they are not without their detractors. There are several disadvantages that come with using Megaways slot games that are rarely mentioned.

●     Small prizes – One consistent criticism that is levelled toward Megaways slot games is that they only provide small prizes for players, despite offering over 2,000 ways to win. It is true that the payout potential of these games are smaller than you may initially think, however if a player gets lucky they will be able to grab a large cash prize.

●     Online only – If you are a real life slot player, you will not be able to play Megaways games. This is because the game format is online only, it is not available in real life casinos.

Final Thoughts

Megaways is great for players who want more ways to win although it can only be played only and has smaller winning prizes.

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