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Model Ireland From Atlanta


Model Ireland From Atlanta

I started free-lance modeling when I was 16. Originally, it was something I occasionally did, when I was asked by local businesses to represent them, or specific products. Back then, I didn’t use social media as the marketing platform that I do now. When I was 27, I made my Instagram account. That was the moment where things really started to change. I opened myself up to an international platform of modeling opportunities, and collaborations.

I made my account in November 2019, right before COVID-19 made its global hit. People were glued to their devices and were hyper active on most social media platforms. It took a year to build up my account to about 25,000 followers. Since December 2020, I book about 2-3 photo shoots a week. I use these shoots to advertise my collaborations with brands, all while having brands/photographers exclusively reaching out to me! 

I never pay for a collaboration, an item, shipping, a photo, a page post, or anything. Don’t fall for that guys! Hold firm to your worth as an upcoming model (or future talent). It weans out the collaborations or jobs that are not worth your time. Now, at over a year and a half in, I have over 50,000 followers. Consistency, reliability, and networking pays off. 

Which is a memorable or unforgettable photoshoot you have done before?

There is a studio in Atlanta that was my launchpad for starting my “Instagram” portfolio. It is called Studio PrimeTime. I remember searching on Instagram for Atlanta photographers my first few months on IG. If you are serious about starting your career, I would highly recommend this. You aren’t someone until people start to take you seriously. I came across a wide network of people to collaborate with.

Back then, I was putting in the work to find people to work with. Also collaboration was just that; collaboration. There was no pay or free items involved. It basically came down to an agreed upon photo shoot, in return for photos to build my portfolio. I wouldn’t say there was a certain shoot that was unforgettable, but rather a general place. Business continues when people remember you. People remember you based on the relationships you build with the photography community, as well as your professionalism and consistency with brands.

Studio Primetime offers a unique business model, in which they attract and attain photographers and models from across the U.S. It could be a photographer/model training opportunity, a novice collaboration role, or an experienced paid collaboration with publishing. There is no shortage of beautiful people. You get out of the industry what you put into it. 

Do you allow yourself any cheat days or guilty pleasures when it comes to food?

Haha, always! Life is one day at a time. I plan my meals for the next week each Wednesday. I use a grocery app that allows me to do curbside pickup. As the week goes on and my food ideas change, I just continue to modify my grocery pickup order on my grocery app. I pick up my food on Sunday.

Then, I mentally map out my protein count (and anything else that I need) as each day goes on. I allow myself options. I listen to my body/how I feel. I will never compromise my mental health or daily serenity over something so silly as a few calories. There are so many healthy products out there that taste good. 

What quotes or mottos do you regularly love to use?

 “One day at a time” 

“ Do what you can today”

“Most things in life play out on their own”

These are things I’ve learned over the years, that seem simple and can sum up so many things in a conversation. 

How is a typical day like for you?

There’s a phrase, “don’t quit your day job,” and there’s definitely something to that. I have a professional occupation, outside of modeling. To me, modeling is a hobby that I prioritize several times a week. I still go to work 40 hours a week, spend time with my family/friends, and try to stay grounded. 

If you could be a fictional character, who will you be?

When I was little, I always wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid! I liked the idea of being an underwater princess. I also loved her red hair. As an adult, I’d probably still make the same choice! A lot of people tell me I look like Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. So, here’s a photo that looks like her! 

What is a funny or lame attempt a guy has tried to know you?

I’ve had guys make up careers and life stories to try to impress me. One guy pretended that he rented out a restaurant and said that he had paid 10k for a section, just to try to get me to come over (the staff said he didn’t). T

here’s people who slide into my DMs pretending that we met before a long time ago to try to get a response out of me. I have a pretty good memory and I don’t miss much, so it really backfires haha. Imperfections are natural and can be beautiful. I just like honest, genuine, and kind people. Those are the ones that stick around. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Ireland. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

With today’s world, I think sexy comes down to being comfortable and mentally happy with your own body. There are so many different versions of beautiful. Everyone has a type and preference physically, sexually, mentally, etc. And believe me, if you are someone’s version of hot, no matter what you ‘think you look like,’ they WILL approach you! I see it all the time.

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Images courtesy of Ireland

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