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Canadian Model, Influencer & Singer Olivia McEldon


Canadian Model, Influencer & Singer Olivia McEldon

Hi my name’s Olivia McEldon and I’m a 20 year old Canadian Multi Published Model, Influencer and Singer. I currently live in Courtice, Ontario and grew up in Ajax, Ontario. I hope you enjoy my interview and get to know me better!

How long have you been a model and what made you decide to go into modeling?

I have been modelling  for over 2 years now and I decided to get into modeling after the first shoot I did. I enjoyed the whole process that comes with doing photoshoots. I love being able to travel to different locations, meet new photographers and artists, and create new and exciting looks through a lens.

My favourite part of the entire process is either getting my hair and makeup done or seeing the end images after they have been edited.

Which is a memorable photoshoot you have had before?

A memorable photoshoot I had was with my agency TN Model & Talent in October of 2020. This was the biggest shoot I have done as I had my hair and makeup done professionally and used these images for promotions and work.

This shoot was so memorable for me because the images came out beautifully and they have been featured in many front cover magazines and promotional content. I also felt like I stepped outside of my comfort zone for these shots which I always try to do with every shoot I do. 

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I play tennis actually, bet you wouldn’t have guessed that. I have been playing ever since I was little with my Dad as he played competitively. I love tennis because I like the feeling of being in control of what I do and how I perform. My favorite feeling is when I get a rush when I hit a winner, there’s no better feeling.

I love tennis because it really is a mental and physical game. Without both working together, ultimately you won’t be as successful as you could be. I find I struggle with either or, or both at times but learning how to control and adapt to your game is how you will be successful in the long run.

Which is your favorite or go to drink at a club?

I love vodka and rum so anything with either of those as a mixed drink is delicious for me. I don’t drink much to be honest but those two are my go twos for sure. I do enjoy drinking socially if I’m out with friends and we are celebrating a special occasion or something like that.

Would you rather be able to teleport or read minds?

I would say probably read minds honestly, instead of teleport. As much as I would love to travel anywhere whenever I wanted, the amount of times I’ve tried to decipher what someone is actually trying to tell me and not feeling like they’re telling the truth has happened a lot. I try to pick up what someone is saying by their body language and words but sometimes I still feel like I don’t get exactly what they’re trying to portray.

I feel like in certain situations it would be really beneficial to be able to read someone’s mind before I said or did something as well to see where they are at. I know the amount of times I’ve put myself out there and been hurt could have been reduced if I knew from the beginning where someone was at or where we stood.

Are you more of a lingerie or bikini babe?

For me, I am definitely more of a lingerie babe. I think lingerie is super fun and sexy and can describe someone’s style by the colour and designs you choose to wear. Whenever I’m home and I’m relaxing, I love wearing something comfy and lingerie is usually my go to under my comfies.

My favourite colours for lingerie are usually red, white or black. I find it is a nice colour with my skin tone and eyes. 

What is the funniest or lamest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

The funniest attempt a guy has tried to get to know me was when I was on set for a television show. At the time, I had my Mom come with me to sets as I was just beginning work on film and TV. I started a conversation with this guy who I kept seeing throughout the day and eventually he ended up saying to my Mom, isn’t she beautiful.

Little did the guy know that was my Mom beside him and it was so funny, I was trying to act cool but really couldn’t. Honestly me and the guy are great friends now so I am grateful for the memory and we always have a funny and cute story of how we met.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Olivia. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

To me, I define sexy by someone being confident in themselves and sharing that with the world. I think confidence is a sexy characteristic someone can have when they are modeling. I find when someone is confident in themselves, they execute this energy that is undeniable and can only be described to others when it is actually experienced.

When you are able to just be yourself you have fun, enjoy the moment and most of the time get the best images and vibes. Anybody can be sexy and for everyone that may look different which I think is super unique. You can define your own sexy, your way!

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I currently have released two singles:


and Young n Wild out on all platforms!

EP: I have my first EP Twisted Perfection coming out in July 2021! This album is very personal to me and I hope people can see a different side to me they didn’t know I had.

Images courtesy of Olivia McEldon

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