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Model & Actress Geo Go


Model & Actress Geo Go

Hi everyone, my name is Geo, I’m a commercial model/actress based in Manila, Philippines, and Tokyo, Japan.

How will you describe your fashion style and where do you draw inspiration from?

Starting off with the hard questions, are we? LOL! I never thought about this before! I usually just wear whatever the first thing I see from my closet is. But yeah, I think I could say that my fashion style is heavily drawn from the latest in Japanese fashion trends.

What is your beauty regime like and do you use any beauty products?

I have dry skin, so most of the products I use are heavily geared and researched towards treating dryness and flaking. After cleansing, I use either an AHA or BHA peel from Cosrx then I top it off with Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence.

After letting it dry, I mix in Buffet from The Ordinary with my trusty Hadalabo lotion, and pat the mixture onto my face. After it’s dry, I top it all off with Minon Amino Moist – Moist Charge Lotion II.

What hobbies or interests do you have?

On my off days, you’d usually find me hanging around the world of Final Fantasy XIV! Yeah, I’m a heavy gamer and on occasion, you can still see me playing Overwatch, League of Legends, if I’m not in FFXIV.

Which 3 types of food do you recommend to everyone who visits your city?

When you visit Manila, I recommend having the Pork Sisig, Kare-Kare, and Crispy Pata from Manam. The holy triumvirate of heavenly goodness!

If you could time travel, where will you love to go and witness?

Who says I can’t? *wink*

Would you rather invent a new gadget or discover a new species?

Can I do both? I’m very very indecisive and I’ve literally been pondering on this question for days now lol!

What turns you off on a date?

Ohhh boy, I probably have a list of pet peeves, but to keep things short, I’d say the biggest pet peeve is constantly checking your phone on a date.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Geo. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is a state of mind!

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