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Makeup Artist & Brand Consultant Grace Kijjaroenvisal


Makeup Artist & Brand Consultant Grace Kijjaroenvisal

Everyone calls me Grace and all things beauty. My full name is Grace Nachanok Kijjaroenvisal and I’m currently a brand consultant for a creative branding agency. I consult beauty and fashion brands on the side but first and foremost, I am a makeup artist.

I’m a Thai national who grew up in Brussels, Belgium aka the best place for chocolates, mussels, and beer in the world. I graduated with an MPS in Fashion Marketing in New York a few years back and I am now living in Bangkok.

How did your interest in makeup begin and inspire you to be a makeup artist?                  

I’ve always been in love with the arts and the beauty that it inspires across mediums, cultures and even languages. I could’ve gone any direction in life but the very fact that the arts allows you to draw inspiration from across categories is an impactful factor for me. When I realized I could create just about anything on my face, I dove in head first.

I always felt like what I can contribute to the world should be transparent and real; and more importantly, the beauty we have within ourselves starts from health of our skincare and we can all accentuate our best features that way.

What are some challenges a makeup artist like yourself typically faces?

The beauty industry in Thailand is quite different to what I knew back in the US where the competition demands makeup artists with a star-studded portfolio. A lot of celebrity makeup-artists here dominate the industry unless you’re giving it all your energy and time into getting yourself booked for jobs. Knowing the right people and making connections at the right place and time is key.

The other observation I’ve made though, is that I’ve connected with many people who enjoy the same style of makeup as I do and it’s been a really great experience learning through the other professionals and listening to the needs of customers. The beauty style in Asia is not my style personally but to be a good makeup artist, I chose to overcome the challenge by embracing all styles and working with every opportunity I came across.

Which are some beauty products every lady should own?

For skincare, it’s super vital to have a moisturizer, an eye serum, and a form of SPF for your face. I’m only listing the absolute essentials for the everyday person who may not enjoy a full-on skincare routine like I do.

A moisturizer is important because the skin barrier on your face needs help to return the right amount of hydration onto the skin; some people with oily skin make the mistake of not using it which in return backfires and their skin produces even more oil. A lot of people question why we need separate types of creams for our face and eyes given it’s on our face, but the truth is that the skin around our eyes are completely different. It’s the most sensitive area on our face and it will be the first part that will show signs of aging.

Last but not least, SPF is not only the first step of anti-aging, this product is going to protect you for health reasons such as skin cancer; a lot of people still neglect the usage of SPF every morning on their body let alone their face. Wearing sunscreen is heavily associated with vacations or sunny days outside but truthfully, not even our clothes can protect us from UVA and UVB rays. Sitting in a dark room is really where our skin is safest from any UV rays as even some lightbulbs emit UV rays.

A quick glossary for others who are still new to SPF is that UVA rays causes ageing while UVB rays burns your skin; sunscreen varies from chemical to physical in which protects you from UV rays very differently. So I recommend everyone to do their research to find the best SPF for you and change your routine into incorporating it so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Skincare is absolute for everyone and all ages; your routine and the type of products you use should shift as you age and you recognize the needs and changes your skin require as you get older. This includes the type of ingredients, the texture, and the benefits the product is meant to help you achieve. Makeup comes second, and I believe that is totally personal. Whether or not you need it, I don’t believe anyone needs makeup but if you want to indulge, I think the world of beauty is your oyster.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I’ve been a bookworm since I was a child while I was performing on stage from acting to dancing to singing. I still try to incorporate all of those hobbies nowadays for fun but I’ve developed a love for making scented soy candles. It’s incredibly soothing and I love how candles make me feel when I add it into my environment.

More active hobbies include rock-climbing, swimming, traveling, café hopping and I love to give back by helping shelters and rescue centers in Bangkok foster puppies to help introduce them into the world once a family is ready to adopt them into their forever home.

If you can have a superpower, what will it be?

Teleportation. It’s a lot quicker than flying.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a foodie are you?

A big fat 10, haha.

What do you not get about the opposite sex?

At times, their ignorance in the struggles women have to go through. We can have the same destination or goal in something but our paths to achieving it will be very different.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Grace. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy is intelligence, sense of humor, and being at peace with yourself. I practice this within myself, and I am attracted to people of these traits as well.

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