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What I Love About Being A Model


What I Love About Being A Model

You know, with boobs of my size (42P) they have always been topic of conversation, looks and general attention. I was very shy and had complexes about them, but I decided to fight it and start this Lilydreamboobs online alter ego.

I have been modeling for few years now and I like it. Generally, the reception is much better than I thought it would be. There is little pressure to keep up with all the messages, custom video requests and so on, but overall I like it. I have lovely fans!

Getting Lots Of Attention For My Boobs

Yes, as I mention, they have been more in focus than me as a person. In real life, it’s very hard to find a working relationship because of them.

It’s hard to trust a man when he invites you for a date, always trying to figure out if his intentions are serious or he just wants sex. Typically, it’s the second option.

Favorite Genres Of Modeling

I do mostly topless only, sometimes light girl girl stuff (I like that a lot). I like professional scenes, for example the two busty queens I have done with Angel Wicky. But I also like to model at home. Less time pressure, no traveling to unknown destinations needed.

Creating Content For Fans

Well, these days I would say 80% are custom videos. Fans come up with scripts I would never think of. Men are very creative in their sexuality! 😀 😀 But it’s very interesting for me to read and to shoot.

I also like shooting with my professional photographer, he also comes up with very interesting scenes and places. I almost cannot recognize myself in some of the videos or photos.

New Content Fans Can Look Forward To

Oh so many. I try to do as much variety as possible. Most popular scenes are boobs swinging, public without bra walking, lesbian stuff with girls but also homemade “hidden cam” videos. I post minimum two videos per week to my website and to my ManyVids, and daily new photos (and also lots of videos, but more selfie styles) to my Onlyfans account.

Advice For Ladies With Huge Boobs

Well, try to be sexy and confident in the videos. Don’t be shy to experiment. Talk to guys, they have interesting ideas. And get in touch with some big producers to kick start your career.  When I did shooting for, my followers and sales grew like crazy.

Besides that, guys from gave me lot of good advice and I have other good cooperations with them. Helping me out with videos and so on. I could never manage to do it on my own.

Lily – 42P all natural boobs wonder. Custom videos, used lingerie, sexting.

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Lily Dream Boobs

42P all natural boobs wonder. Custom videos, used lingerie, sexting.


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