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10 Secrets for Keeping Sex Alive in a Long-Term Relationship

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10 Secrets for Keeping Sex Alive in a Long-Term Relationship

Losing the spark in your sex life is often inevitable. Learn ways to keep your sex alive in a long-term relationship.

No matter how many movie nights you have had with your long-term partner, losing the spark in your sex life is often inevitable. People age and change over time and this is the same case with sex life; what turned you on in the early stages of your relationship may not be the same today. In the beginning, everything is wonderful, and love and sexual feelings are in plenty. However, what comes after that this phase – boredom, kids and debt, to name a few, can dampen your sex life. Good sex life is key to a happy relationship. Below are ten secrets for keeping your sex alive in a long-term relationship.

1. Prioritize Alone Time

Plan one curfew-free night every two months or so. You can get a sitter or leave the kid to sleep at a family member’s or friend’s house. Do you remember seeing her photos on that site, Instagram or meetville black people? Go out and try to reconnect with the power of the early stages. Go to places you liked to visit in the beginning and do things you liked to do.

2. Up Your Sexting Game

Instead of just texting things like when the cable man is coming, make your texting conversations a little kinkier occasionally. Tease each other on what is to come later in the night. Your sexting may include things such as describing what you’re wearing in bed or how you are touching yourself thinking of your partner. You can keep sexting for the whole day, and when you meet later in the evening, the sparks will fly.

3. Try It Elsewhere

Sex should not be a perfect bedroom situation when you are feeling most attractive, and candles lit. Take it out of the bedroom occasionally. The mood may strike at any time. You may walk in the house from work and catch a glimpse of your partner cutting onions in the kitchen or sitting on the couch, and you immediately want to jump their bones. Do it there and then.

4. Sex Workshop

Attend sex workshops that best fit both of you. You can do your own research and find the best local options. Investing in educating yourself about your sexuality shows commitment in one another’s happiness and longevity of your relationship.

5. Experiment with ‘Sensate Focus’ Exercise

It is a type of foreplay that can help both partners stay present and also increases the likelihood of orgasm. One of you becomes the ‘giver’ while the other one is the ‘receiver.’ The giver does everything to try and make their partner feel good starting from their head to their toes.

6. Experiment with Different Sex Positions

It may seem obvious, but sexually satisfied partners tend to be experimental in their bedroom. Try new sex positions once in a while. Remember looking for bbw ebony dating tips when you were starting out? You can as well find several sex ideas over the internet. Discuss with your partner how you want to include more play and variety into your sex game.

7. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

You should not put pressure on each other based on what others say ‘normal sex’ is. For example, if another couple has sex four times a week and you have it twice a week, do not put pressure on your partner to get to 4 times a week. In fact, don’t count. Have sex when it is convenient, and when you both love it.

8. Sex Should Not Be a Form of Conflict Resolution

You should not let sex become your only form of resolving issues. Rather, sex should be a form of celebration once you have resolved your conflicts. On the flip side, fighting can make you go for long periods without sex, which is not good. Therefore, you should develop strong resolution skills so that you have a happy sex life and a healthy relationship.

9. Shower Together Occasionally

Showering together makes the bond tight. Hit the shower together once in a while and make things hot.

10. Talk about Your Sexual Fantasies

Instead of getting to bed and scrolling through Instagram or reading your Kindle every night, take some time to discuss your sexual fantasies. Even talking about your turn-ons may be enough. Sexual cravings evolve over time, and you may lose touch with your partner’s cravings in a long-term relationship. Asking and talking about them brings you closer to your partner.

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