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Cosplayer & Anime Fan Gia Sanrio


Cosplayer & Anime Fan Gia Sanrio

Hi, I’m Gia and I am from “the city of brotherly love,” Philadelphia, PA!  I love to cook and work out, but most of all I love to watch anime.  When I am not doing these things, I am either training my Pokémon, spending hours on my skincare routine, or taking care of patients where I work, in the field of family medicine.

What do you love about cosplay?

The reason why I cosplay is because I get to be the characters that I have spent so much time watching, thinking about, admiring, and analyzing.  I also really enjoy going out and meeting other people who enjoy the same series and appreciate the same characters.  I have also met many friends that I usually only see at conventions, so it is always nice to see familiar faces again too.

Which is your most fun or unforgettable photoshoot experience so far?

“Fun” and “unforgettable” are two different things! The shoot I had the most fun doing was when I shot for winning Philly’s Hottest Cosplay Girl with photographer Alison Dunlap.  The make-up artist, Victoria C., was there to help fix any wardrobe malfunctions (which there were plenty when I was dressed as Molotov.)  But they were a great team to work with – probably the first and only time I’ve worked with a fully female team, which I think made me feel much more comfortable and relaxed.  Alison also certainly did her research, and had tons of poses planned out for me too.

The most “unforgettable” shoot had to be at one particular shoot where I had to stand very still for so long that I got dizzy, which led to queasiness that I could not hold back.  Lucky for me, only about a hundred people or so were watching me.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

Oh of course!  I am very interested in health and fitness, skincare, and medicine.  I am also very into craft beer, and I love to try as many new breweries and brews as my schedule can allow.  Recently, I’ve also gotten very into trying new hot sauces, too.

If you could learn anything in this world, what will it be?

Complete understanding of the human body, so I could always have the best answers to give my patients.  Also, I taught myself code starting in 4th grade and fell out of it sometime before high school.  I’d love to take computer programming classes and see how well I’d do with coding now.  I know so much has changed, but memorizing and recognizing code has always felt natural to me.

What is the best compliment you have received?

This is very difficult to say, mostly because you are asking me to choose which quality about myself that I am the most proud of when someone recognizes it.  If I had to choose, I think a great compliment would be of my own taste – for example, someone complimenting my taste in anime, music, beer, wine, etc.  Oh, or maybe complimenting my cooking, since I always seem to make everything too spicy for most people to handle.

Which flavor best describes you?

Going off my answer from your last question, spicy!  There’s no fun in eating something hot if it doesn’t give you at least a little bit of pain!

What is a funny or lame attempt a guy has tried to get to know you?

I have heard tons of pick-up lines, most terrible and some surprisingly good.  Sticking to the cosplay theme though, the worst line I’ve ever heard while in costume was when I was dressed as Edward Scissorhands, and some guy said, “I still wouldn’t say no to a handjob.”  I thought it was hilarious.

But when it comes to lame, the only thing I don’t like is when someone pretends that they’re interested in the same things as me to get closer to me.  If you don’t share the same interests as me, that’s fine, be honest about it.  I am willing to take the time to explore your interests if you’re willing to take the time to explore mine.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Gia. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I would have to say that it is feeling comfortable and happy with yourself, while still leaving something to the imagination for others.

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