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How To Create A Real Connection With A Client

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How To Create A Real Connection With A Client

Like many girls, living on the edge led me to escorting. After several years of attending university while working full time, my health deteriorated, and I relapsed into depression and anxiety.

It was at that time that a friend introduced me to sex work, and I fearfully decided to give it a shot. The first time was challenging for me. Prior to the date, I was very nervous and nightmares kept me up at night. After the date, I did not understand anything anymore. I enjoyed the experience, and I felt so good with my client and, most importantly, with myself. I could not help but wonder why my predictions had been so terrible. I found myself slowly gaining awareness of the heavy stigma that I just overcame and its effect on my future in this industry.

I initially started working at an escort agency. But when they failed to meet my standards and enforced abusive conditions on their girls for the three months I was working with them, I decided to empower myself as a woman and sex worker. I started meeting other workers and clients who would become great friends and offer me a helping hand in becoming an independent escort. It was then when I confidently decided how I wanted to work and with whom, that Anna Stephan was born. I met people who currently occupy very important spots in my life, and I have lived enriching experiences that would have been out of reach otherwise.

I see this work as a path that can be forked into several directions. Being conscious of where this lifestyle is leading you and staying determined to build the future you truly envision for yourself helps to create the life most ambitious young women desire and breaks society’s stigma of who a sex worker is supposed to be. Sex work can drag you down easily, but it can also lift you up even higher. It all comes down to the choices we make. Most importantly, escorts are like every other woman and clients are like every other man. We are only human, and there is nothing inhuman about the services we provide.

Reasons Men Engage A Companion

Sex work is not all about sex. Personally, I have seen a bit of everything. But for most clients, sex is only one element of the greater experience. My clients tend to be men traveling a lot for work, desiring to enjoy the company of an attractive and intelligent lady. They are looking for a natural girl, someone who makes them feel as if they are on a regular date and agree to the terms it is based on. I always say that I specialize in the GFE, because it makes me feel the most comfortable. It feels natural as if we would have met in a bar or on a random afternoon.

Importance Of Establishing A Connection With A Client

Without a basic offline connection, my appointments would not work out. A mental connection to discuss common ideas, for example, can end in the strongest sexual connection ever experienced. Prioritizing this connection on a date is the additional value that makes it real and unique. Both escorts and clients deserve respect and sincerity regardless of the places in life they occupy. Relationships are what moves the world, and that is why I think it is so important to connect, influence and contribute to the lives of others.

What Makes The Connection Work

I believe that sincerity is the most important ingredient to establish a connection and a meaningful relationship with a client. Sincerity and empathy go hand-in-hand in consummating a successful date where both parties enjoy the best experience. Following the idea of “we attract what we are,”- if you as an escort stay loyal to yourself, you and the client seeking to be with you will most probably click, since the image you are projecting already represents your true nature.

Tips For Aspiring Companions

First and foremost, forget about all prejudice. Read and inform yourself very well and, once inside the industry, don’t be shy to seek advice and experience for yourself. Other sex workers can give you a thousand tips to build your business model, but don’t forget that it’s in the small details where you can stand out.

The road to success does not start by following a pattern, it starts by being yourself. Being myself has been the best marketing, the motivation behind my way of working and, above all, the main reason why I have connected with gentlemen from all over the world.

Anna Stephan – I tend to define myself as a calm woman with an engaging smile, self-confident and ambitious in life in the healthiest possible sense. To me, the path to obtaining my objectives is always as important as achieving the end goal itself.

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Anna Stephan

I tend to define myself as a calm woman with an engaging smile, self-confident and ambitious in life in the healthiest possible sense. To me, the path to obtaining my objectives is always as important as achieving the end goal itself.


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