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Canadian Model Brielle Van De Laar From Winnipeg


Canadian Model Brielle Van De Laar From Winnipeg

I actually grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba and have spent most of my life here in Canada. I have two younger brothers and an older sister. I grew up in a fairly low income home with an extremely family orientated mentality. I have three wonderful mixed breed dogs that mean the world to me. I’ve spent most of my working career as a waitress and love being given the opportunity to wake up each day knowing that I’m guaranteed to meet new and exciting people.

I’ve been modeling for almost a year and a half now. I started out in the industry because I wanted to gain self-confidence and prove to myself that this was something I am capable of doing. I’ve since worked with numerous photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists that have significantly helped me pull off the looks I’m going for and put the overall shoot together. I’m usually the one to reach out to everyone and schedule everything but I’m hoping to get to a level within my modeling where people start reaching out to me instead. I’m honestly so thankful to have been able to come as far as I’ve gotten and to have worked with so many amazing people.

My mom has actually been my biggest supporter to date. When I first started out, she would do my hair and makeup for me and help put together outfits. She’s a truly inspirational woman who has survived so much in life and overcome so many obstacles that to have someone like that telling you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to makes such a huge difference and impact.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

Surprisingly, my proudest achievement so far actually has nothing to do with modeling. I passed the physical fitness test for the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves despite everyone saying that I wouldn’t be able to. It really showed me what I’m capable of doing if I put my mind to it and work hard enough for it. I feel like it played a part in my development as a person and helped me to genuinely believe in myself.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Yes! I absolutely love reading. Books with hidden worlds and supernatural themes are my all time favorite. I also write my own poetry and enjoy drawing from time to time. I also enjoy puzzles and playing games that are mentally engaging such as hidden objects, or memorization games.

How would you describe a typical day for yourself?

I’d love to say I have such thing as a “typical day” but I honestly don’t. I wake up and go to bed at different times every day, my work schedule changes faster then the seasons themselves and balancing my modeling schedule makes for a fairly hectic and unpredictable situation.

On the days I work I usually get up with enough time to shower and get ready, head to work and spend a few hours serving tables before going home and helping tidy up the house. Then making dinner and usually spend the rest of my night either on Instagram or going out to visit with friends. On my days off. I usually try to schedule a makeup artist earlier in the morning and one or more photoshoots within the afternoon. The first part of my day is spent showering and getting outfits together while the rest of it is spent driving to photoshoots and working with the photographers. I also try to fit in time with my dogs and time for myself somewhere along the road but it doesn’t always pan out as planned.

Is there a city or country you’d love to visit if given the chance?

Tokyo. I’ve heard that the scenery is breathtaking and the culture is just so incredible I’d love to be able to experience it first hand. Plus I think I’d look cute in a kimono!

What flavour best describes you?

Vanilla with a caramel swirl. I can be pretty basic at time but I also like to spice things up and step outside my comfort zone. I’ve been told I’m not what people expected after getting to know me.

On a scale of 1-10, How much of a foodie are you?

Probably a 5.

I can be a fairly picky eater but I’m not one to turn my nose up to a meal that someones’ offered me. I like trying recipes I find on Instagram or Facebook but I’m certainly not interested in taking pictures of the results and sharing them with the world.

What do you not get about the opposite sex?

Men are a strange and exotic enigma in my world. They’re unpredictably predictable. I think what confuses me most about them is how they can literally be thinking of nothing. Like they just zone out of existence whenever they want and that’s totally normal for them. It’s like their brain comes with an on and off switch that woman just dont have.

How do you define “sexy”?

Beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder.

To some, beauty is the form of a slender woman with an exceptional curvature and a distinguished hour glass figure. A mature woman with long silky hair and skin as soft as the clouds.

To others, beauty comes in the form of a welcoming smile and a tender heart. It’s embodied by the grace and elegance of watching the one they love dance in the moonlight or sway in the kitchen to their favourite song. It’s the light that shines in someone’s eyes while they excitedly explain something they are passionate about or an infectious laugh that could spread through the entire room without warning.

To me, true beauty comes in many shapes and forms. It’s the feeling of confidence one feels when they look in the mirror. It’s the love they see in the eyes of those that are dear to them. It’s seen in the tender embrace of a mother and her child. It’s so many wonderful things.

This world is a truly beautiful place if you open your mind and allow yourself to see it. To me the definition of “sexy” is a person capable of showcasing their inner beauty in its truest form. It is a feeling of confidence that radiates through the skin and is projected into everything they do.

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I am always working on new and exciting projects with various people. I never stop looking for people that want to collaborate with me and am happy to say I’ve just started venturing into artistic nude photography and more highly suggestive boudoir shoots. I’m always looking to push creative ideas forward and try to styles or themes that catch my attention. I usually post sneak previews of upcoming shoots on my Instagram story to keep a higher level of engagement amongst my followers.

Images courtesy of Brielle Van De Laar

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