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US Based Actress & Model Stella Paris


US Based Actress & Model Stella Paris

Stella Paris is an actress, model, recording artist and philanthropist. She was born in Malta and then moved to UK and later the USA. She made her debut as an actress in an upcoming Hollywood TV series, A Place Among the Undead. She has also had speaking roles in European and British feature films, City of Spies and Red Army Hooligans.

Stella Paris has been published on covers, features and centrefolds of over 25 magazines and newspapers, including Playboy, RHK, Twisted Edge, Pg7, The Midweek Sport, The Sunday Sport, The Daily Sport, and Prototype. Stella has just started her career as a recording artist. She writes her lyrics and directs her videos. Stella does an annual fundraiser for the Somawathi Home orphanage in Sri Lanka.

When did you get started into modelling?

I started modelling when I turned 18. At first, it was beauty pageants, competitions, talent shows and modelling courses in my home country, Malta. I was chosen to represent my hometown of Mosta in Miss Malta, as Miss Mosta in 2007. Modelling helped me improve my confidence and self-esteem. Soon after, I graduated from University in BSc. Radiography (Hons). I moved to London and I started getting published in international magazines and newspapers.

How is the experience on Playboy and working with them?

The Playboy photoshoot was in Toronto. I had an early wake-up call at my hotel room, where the Playboy make-up artist and hairdresser arrived at 8am. After we got ready, I was driven to the location of the shoot, where we met the Playboy photographer, the crew of Naked News Channel and assistants. The photoshoot was a lot of fun and all the crew were very professional, energetic and respectful. The photoshoot and interview lasted about 3 hours, and I loved every minute.

Is acting more difficult than modelling?

Yes, in my opinion acting requires much more preparation and concentration. Acting, depending on the role is not always about looking beautiful and accentuating curves.

Firstly, the scenes and character needs to be studied properly. I usually take a lot of notes and visualise becoming that person. I ask myself… how would I react if this particular situation happened to me? Then I rehearse and take lots of videos. When I’m happy with all the line memorisation, deliverance and facial expressions, then I am ready to audition.

Even when I am on set and we are filming the actual movie or series, several takes are done to make sure the director has enough material to choose from.

What is a memorable experience in acting or modelling you have to share?

There are quite a few memorable experiences. One is meeting and talking with Dave Bautista on set of Final Score. Another great experience was working with director Juliet Landau (Drusilla from Buffy The Vampire Slayer), on set of The Undead series.

I also had a lot of fun shooting City of Spies in Austria. Last but not least, a very funny experience on set was on Red Army Hooligans, when I was playing the role of Russian mafia girl and I kicked a rival Englishman actor in his balls.

Do you have any hobbies and interests?

I love travelling to tropical locations. My favourite spots so far are Sri Lanka and Thailand. I love exploring, hiking, swimming and rambling in remote areas. I love spending time at the jungle and the beach.

I also love reading, mostly self-motivational, transformational and spiritual books. I also like to spend time with animals, always making sure I go to places where animals are treated properly and not exploited. As a vegetarian, I believe I have to be the voice for our sisters and brothers.

On a scale of 1-10 how much of a party animal are you?

Let’s go with 6. I don’t party on a regular basis anymore. I have been focused on my career these past few years, and I believe hangovers and long nights out wastes my time and puts me back towards accomplishing my goals. I used to be a party animal till about 4 years ago.

I am still a fun-loving person and I do like to party occasionally. With me, a drink or two can light up a fuse; in other words, once I pop, I can’t stop so I have learnt to control myself.

The last time I partied was in Bangkok with ladyboys. I ended up showing them how to twerk and work the pole.

What is the funniest or awkward attempt a guy has tried on you?

The most awkward attempts happen at the gym when I’m training hard, almost at the brink of being nauseous from high intensity training. I was running on the treadmill at 10km/hr once, when a guy jumped on the treadmill next to me and tried to shake my hand while introducing himself.

How do you define “sexy”?

Sexy is being comfortable with your body and just being yourself. You cannot learn how to be ‘sexy’, you either are sexy or you are not. You can make yourself ‘look’ sexy with clothes, makeup etc…but sexy is much more. It could be the look in your eyes, the voice, your deliverance, your accent, your character, the way you walk etc…

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Upcoming Works:

My new record, Party’s Banging coming out in December 2018 on Spotify and iTunes
My annual fundraiser for The Somawathi Home orphanage
TV series, The Undead series, coming out 2019
City of Spies film, coming out 2019

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