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Photographer, Videographer & Model Maddy Oxenham


Photographer, Videographer & Model Maddy Oxenham

I’m originally from a small town called Little Britain in Ontario Canada, with about 1100 people. So I grew up in the middle of nowhere to say the least. I moved to Toronto when I went away to college, and now I’m living just outside of the city.

How did you get started into modeling?

I’ve actually never been referred to as a model until this interview, so that’s cool to hear! I’m a photographer / videographer so I guess that led me to be in front of the camera – instead of always behind it.

Which is your most memorable photoshoot experience so far?

There was this little Christmas feature I did about 2 years ago with two other girls, I sadly don’t have the photos anymore but that was my first time really doing anything in front of the camera so that’s definitely the most memorable. A little nerve wracking but also extremely fun.

What type of fashion are you into?

Oh.. this is a hard one – honestly depends on whether I’m going to a show or an event – I try to tailor my outfits to the whole feel of whatever is going to be going on. Sometimes if I’m working and shooting a show I have to dress more casual / comfy vs “fashionable”. Pinterest is my BEST friend haha. But I’d say lately my day to day has been a bit grunge / punk chic.

How do you spend your free time?

Travelling and creating content as much as I can! Doesn’t matter if it’s to a different country or a two hour road trip from where I live, I shoot a lot of concerts and music festivals too.

Are you more of a night owl or morning person?

Night owl 1000%. I’m not a functioning person until after 11:00AM.

If you could time travel, what will you like to witness?

My favourite movies growing up were the Pirates of the Caribbean. I remember watching those with my parents about one hundred times – so I think I would have really liked to see some pirates in action smugglin’ some boooooty.

Have you ever had a bad date experience before?

LOL yes I have. I was supposed to go out with this guy, but we couldn’t decide what the plan was right away he said, “Why don’t you meet me at my place first.” So I meet him at his place, then he invites me in while we figure it out. He then hands me a glass of wine. At this time I realized that there wasn’t really going to be a plan made to go anywhere.

He then asked me to help make his bed – and put away his laundry? So I texted my best friend saying that she needs to call me in 5 mins saying that her boyfriend had broken up with her at dinner and she has no way home and to come get her. SO she calls its all good I leave, then we had some friends invite us out – we go out… and who do I see out..

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Maddy. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Anyone who knows what they want and has the confidence to be themselves. You may not get along with everyone you meet but the best relationships (friends or other) come from being genuine.

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Images courtesy of Maddy Oxenham

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