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The Seven Veils


The Seven Veils

The Seven Veils is an ancient sexual practice designed to connect the energy field and life force that flows between partners. It is comprised of 7 powerful elements that combine together to create a deep spiritual connection.

Due to social norms and learnt behaviour shaped by surface-level awareness and commercial influence, our views on intimacy often fit within a myopic context. Many of our sexual encounters tend to neglect the full potential of what we are truly capable of as beings of raw energy.

The Seven Veils place great emphasis on each stage of arousal. They can last days, weeks and even months as we move beyond our over-reliance on climax based interaction for meaningful intimacy. The Seven Veils focus on developing a strong spiritual bond through physical and mental arousal from eye contact and sensual touch, to the deepest form of penetration.

Some Shamans believe the act of sexual unification creates a long-lasting mystical connection between people independent of love or any other emotions. They believe a field of energy is created that facilitates the transference of positive or negative energy back and forth.

There are individuals who consciously and subconsciously feed off other people’s energy and use it to nourish their own without giving anything in return. Many people will have experienced this to some extent, so whether or not we agree with the shaman’s interpretation, it is not without merit.

At a Glance

We have all experienced hard-wired instinctive arousal from simply making eye contact with someone whom we are attracted to. What proceeds is an intricate and complex mating dance designed to ascertain whether it is a worthwhile investment to allow the removal of a protective veil.

The Seven Veils provide a way to truly embrace these intense feeling of arousal at every stage, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the needs, wants and desires between partners.

Beyond Time

Whilst comprised of 7 elements as a whole, each is explored independently to the fullest extent possible. Once the desired level of intimacy within an element has been achieved, only then will the next veil be revealed. There is no ascension or progression as such as each element exist autonomously, even though when combined they form a greater sum.

The Seven Veils create an environment where we can be fully present and experience arousal on an incremental level. The sequenced unveiling provides a way to consciously observe these sensations and intricately weave them together in harmony.

One element does not necessarily lead to the next and it is very possible that penetration may not feature as a part of a journey. Partners may decide at any time that they have achieved their desired level of connection. Although conversely, they may decide that a particular element requires significantly more exploration in order to help address certain issues. There is no obligation to define a time frame or impose restrictions that may prohibit enjoyment. All that is required is a desire to please and a willingness to explore beyond your comfort zone.

Extreme Arousal

During extreme states of arousal for both men and women, the brain floods the body full of Adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin. The blood pressure soars, causing the woman’s vulva to become moist and swollen, and the man appears to lose the power of thought as he succumbs to a drug-induced state of euphoria.

This is the result of our emotions telling our body in a not-so-subtle way that we are ready to mate. Many people are painfully aware that emotions are often terrible at making decisions. The Seven Veils aid in the mental discipline required for transmutation of intense sexual energy between partners. This can lay the foundation for a new level of desire and a permanent state of arousal that can last indefinitely.

Growth and Commitment

By keeping an open mind and letting go of insecurities and expectations, we are able to heal old wounds and limiting self-beliefs. As the veils naturally unravel within a safe and caring environment we can embrace a much deeper spiritual connection. This requires patience and an awareness of self that is developed through focus and dedication.

As amazing as this may sound, The Seven Veils require a high level of commitment and self-discipline. It is not something to be entered in to lightly, as certain elements need to be agreed prior to embarking upon this journey. We are largely creatures of habit and impulse, and this can lead to frustration when emotions start to run awry.

The appeal of 7 Veils may be somewhat niche but for those who choose to embrace it, I fail to see how this process could not change one’s perspective on what is really possible. But in order to achieve this, a certain level of vulnerability is required.

However, the pervasive nature by which we view vulnerability within society (for men especially) is wholly counter-productive and requires conscious effort to rewire these false perceptions. The specific context of vulnerability is what determines its nature, as it is inherently neither positive nor negative. Having said that, I believe this gives credence to the importance of partner selection, attitude and setting to ensure mental and physical well-being.


As alluded to above, preparation is of vital importance so before discussing the 7 specific stages, I will share some general guidelines that you may want to observe.

Timeframe: It is very much down to the individuals involved but the practice of The Seven Veils usually lasts from 7 days to a month. There is no definitive duration and it can indeed last however long is deemed necessary to achieve the desired objective.

Schedule: Agree on a schedule for when and how the ritual will take place. Dates and times should be consistent and provide a manageable and realistic framework for all involved. For example; a 3-hour session for a duration of 7 days may work well for some, whereas others may prefer shorter sessions spanning a month or two.

Flexibility: Despite the best intentions plans do change, as well as emotions and feelings. This is not about creating a rigid blueprint, as this will completely defeat the purpose. Focus on the objective, put the other person first, and mutual respect will create the equilibrium needed.

Environment: I would be remiss if I did not emphasize again the level of impact setting can have on this type of practice. A warm, safe and comfortable space free of distractions with candles and an Aroma diffuser can really help to add to the ambience. Decide what works best for you.

Positions: There is something extremely erotic about looking your partner directly in the eye and holding their gaze. Sit, stand or lay opposite your partner so you are close enough to touch and smell each other’s scent.

Cohesion: When both partners are ready to move on to the next stage, the new element will now fuse with the previous. The previous element will be allocated a fraction of the time as to allow for focus on a new area of development. This method maintains cohesion between all elements as partners evolve. However, if a particular element proves especially challenging, it can be isolated completely to allow for intense focus if required.

Translation: There may be some specific phrases or concepts that do not translate perfectly across the various sexual preferences and relationship models that we enjoy. I have attempted to present The Seven Veils in a way that is inclusive of all but still remain true to the essence of the original philosophy. No offence is intended if I have fallen short of this in certain areas. I believe The Seven Veils can be applied to any caring relationship dynamic.

The Seven Veils – Step By Step

  1. The First Veil

– Face and Hands

– Fully dressed above the clothes

– Gentle caress & massage

The first veil can be likened to when wild animals first meet and begin sizing each other up. A primal level of intimate connection takes place as you gaze directly into each other’s soul. From a warm delicate feather-light stroke of the hand to a subtle kiss on the side of the face, you both slowly start to unravel.

Biting or kissing on the lips is out of bounds as the objective is to gently feel and sense every vein, every crease in the skin and every hair follicle on the hands and face. With eyes open, tune in and paying close attention to all involuntary reactions like a deep shiver running down the spine or goosebump emerging on the back of the hand. Move in close alongside their face and inhale deeply, taking in the scent of their hair and the heat coming off their skin as blood surges through their body.

Communicate and ask how they feel, what they like, where they want to be touched and what they can visualise. Take time to slowly absorb your partner’s essence and channel it back to them through touch and genuine desire. This is all about a tactile connection so remember to breath, let go and explore.

  1. The Second Veil

– Full body

– Fully dressed underneath clothes

– Light kissing, caress & massage

– No erogenous zones

The Second Veil fades away to reveal the neck, arms, torso and feet. The face and hands are also incorporated but all erogenous zones including the breast, genitals, buttocks and anus are out of bounds. Hands now move under the clothes and are free to explore the landscape including the shoulders, chest, stomach, lower back, legs, knees, ankles and feet.

With the focus on the breathing, the sensation of touch and your partner’s reaction, you can fully embrace this trilateral union of sensory delight. Visualise and learn to control the waves of energy as if conducting an orchestra. Take time to isolate certain sensations like the feel of hair follicles gently being stroked back and forth, as well as the absence of touch to heighten anticipation.

The skin is a field of electric current that comes alive with energy shooting signals directly to the brain every time you touch. And the more you nurture it, the stronger the current becomes, eventually providing enough energy to create a constant flow of arousal that encapsulates you both.

  1. The Third Veil

– Full body

– Fully dressed

– Kissing on lips, licking, biting and sucking

– Including Breast and buttocks

– No erogenous

At The Third Veil, you will now move beyond the surface and engage as much of the body as you can access. Passionate and steamy kissing, massaging the breast and stroking the buttocks can require a seemingly unnatural level of self-control but this is precisely what is required. Erogenous zones like the vagina, anus and nipples are still out of bounds but you can move in close and listen to your partner’s heartbeat race in anticipation.

You can lick, suck and bite but restraint is still required as there are no tongues at this stage. Take this time to really explore The Third Veil’s full potential. Tease every inch of your partner until their body contorts with desire. Use all your senses from smell and touch to sight and hearing. Use your body weight to apply pressure to different parts as arousal increases.

Remember to focus on your breathing and be sure to help your partner remain in sync with you as much as possible. This takes a lot of practice and dedication but the goal is to maintain an intense state of arousal that you can channel between you and your partner.

  1. The Forth Veil

– Full body

– Skin to skin, Underwear

– Kissing with tongues, licking, biting and sucking

– Including Nipples and buttocks

– No genitals or anus

The Forth veil is often the tipping point where emotions erupt as skin meets skin and minds fuse together. The Forth Veil allows for underwear, sexy lingerie and kinky outfits if so desired. At this stage, there is full body contact with only a thin veil restricting full access to the most sensitive regions.

Instead of stripping these away, learn to use them to build desire. The longing is in the thought of that which is denied – this is an extremely powerful concept to master because it teaches you how to nurture intense sexual desire not only within yourself but your partner too.

Tongues are permitted but the genitals and anus are still out of bounds. The licking, sucking and kissing of nipples can be so overwhelming that all notions of restraint fade into the distance. However, The Seven Veils provide the mental aptitude needed to navigate between the intoxicating allure of immediate release and the added intensity of delayed gratification. The goal is to achieve a state of extreme arousal and harmonious tranquillity as desire surges through the body, mind and spirit.

  1. The Fifth Veil

– Full body

– Naked

– Everything including oral and masturbation permitted

– No penetration or male ejaculation

The Fifth Veil is wickedly seductive, so much so that few are able to explore the full extent of this realm as partners are usually operating from a space of pure instinct. Although The Fifth Veil permits everything besides penetration and male ejaculation the goal is not necessarily female orgasm or oral pleasure.

The goal is to explore the entire body to the fullest whilst having these cards on the table. Use your tongue, saliva, hands, body, face, breath, sweat – every ounce of your being to explore every curve, every dip, every arch, every erogenous zone including the anus. Find out where your boundaries are and address them through honest open communication without fear of judgment.

When tasting each other be sure to relish all the flavours and textures. When performing cunnilingus and tasting her orgasm, look beyond the physical and embrace the gift of pure sexual energy manifested. Drink it, bath in it and enjoy the fruits the yoni has to offer.

When performing fellatio use your hands and mouth in rhythm with each other, as a potter would delicately caress clay on a wheel. Wrap your tongue around it, tease the head, swallow it whole, spit on it, let saliva slowly run down the shaft and watch his every response.

The goal of The Fifth Veil is to learn to apply this level of erotic desire to the entire body, not just the genitals and erogenous zones. An earlobe or the back of the neck can be magnetised with so much energy that it can bring a partner to orgasm with the lightest touch.

For women in particular, The Fifth Veil provides the perfect environment for deep arousal to be nurtured slowly as men often tend to move past this element quickly in their quest to conquer.

  1. The Sixth Veil

– Full body

– Naked

– Full Penetration

– No male ejaculation

The Sixth Veil represents the first element where full penetration is permitted but this must be tempered with a more holistic perspective. Again penetration is not the ultimate goal to be hastened towards, but it is important to embrace it fully and enjoy.

Take time and feel each other in every way possible, slow down, keep still, sense the throbbing of the penis or the palpitation of the vagina. Sit deep inside your partner and use all the skills from the previous veils and move harmoniously between them.

Learn how to channel your desire in different ways. Use touch and visualise your energy flowing in a constant cycle between your mind and that of your partner, similar to a figure of ‘8’. When penetrating or performing oral pleasure pay close attention to every response, every twitch and every moan. Listen to their heartbeat as it races and blood floods the brain. Feel every inch of your partner’s insides as you slowly stroke, push, pull and ride the penis or vagina. Take time to find their most intricate erogenous zones that only the most tentative of lovers will ever discover.

You can ask your partner on a scale of 1 to 5 how close they are to orgasm and decide where in that spectrum you’ll like them to remain. You may decide to have them constantly fluctuate between two points and push them to their limit, or you may want to keep them at the lower end of the spectrum as you pace your session.

For both men and women, this not only requires a deep level of self-restraint but also vulnerability and trust because you will have gifted your partner with complete power over your orgasm. This creates a connection that exists far beyond the physical and is embedded deep within the psyche – I’ll come back to this later on.

In any case, this may be a completely new experience and the desire to let go may be too much to maintain. This is all part of the learning process and if this happens, let go and enjoy it free of guilt. The point to remember is that every experience is a lesson and there is no time limit. You may choose at any stage to extend the time frame allocated to better master the skills or this may be as far as you decide to go – which is fine. At least you and your partner will know where your boundaries are and you will be able to choose whether to go beyond or remain. It is completely up to you.

  1. The Seventh Veil

– Full body

– Naked

– Full Penetration

– Male Ejaculation

The removal of The Seventh Veil signals the magical union of the man’s semen and the woman’s egg. This acts represents the fusion of the spirit’s life force through physical ejaculation deep inside the vaginal canal. This Seventh Veil more than any other represents the deepest state of arousal as the body overdoses on a chemical high. But again, ejaculation is not the goal – the goal is to learn how to channel this energy that it may be transmuted throughout the body.

The act of tasting your partner’s ejaculation is akin to absorbing their orgasmic energy in physical form – and should be cherished as such. Ejaculation should be lovingly teased and nurtured as you would a delicate flower. Extend this moment of gratification for as long as possible and internalise this energy so it becomes part of you.

The key to controlling ejaculation is deep breathing and mental discipline but this subject is a vast topic deserving of a much more comprehensive explanation so I advise those who are interested to investigate further.

Mastery of The Seventh Veil can result in intense multiple and full body orgasms for both male and female. This can open up a completely new dimension and provide a clue as to our true potential as beings of infinite energy manifested in the physical realm.

This leads to the previous point I mentioned in The Sixth Veil regarding the connection that exists beyond the physical. It is with this in mind that I feel an all-encompassing new ‘Eighth Veil’ is required to bind them all.

The Eighth Veil

– All is Mind

– Deep breathing

– No physical contact

The Eighth Veil transcends the physical and permeates the very core of our being – the conscious mind. Our perception of emotions, desires, fears and reality itself are all formed in the cradle of the mind. However, due to our over-reliance on our external senses, many of us tend to focus on what is outside, rather than what is within. The way we respond to our partner’s energy is based on our own perception and interpretation, not theirs.

The Eighth Veil looks to fine-tune the senses through conscious thought, internal reflection, meditation and breath work. Take time to really appreciate the mental and spiritual aspect of your connection with your partner. Think about how you feel when they look deep into your soul, or when they are inside you moments away from climax. Think about how they taste when they cum in your mouth and how their body starts to twitch and spasm.

This is potent energy many of us rarely utilise, but through meditation and breath work we are able to tap into our subconscious frequency and amplify it. Inhale positivity and let it nourish your being, and at the same time exhale toxins and any negative emotions. Remove all distractions and make time to simply exist in the moment.

The Eighth Veil combined with the original seven provides the ideal framework for sexual development that nurtures mind, body and spirit. There is no defined end goal or ultimate state of being, only the journey of constant evolution that all truth seekers embrace.

Final Thoughts

Some Taoists believe sexual intercourse is a spiritual practice that brings about long-lasting unions between partners. As we search for new levels of enlightenment and more meaningful ways to connect, we should always be clear on what we would like a partner to bring to the table.

We are all on a journey of self-discovery and the partners we choose to embrace along the way will help to shape the path. Once we are free to move beyond fear and insecurities the spirit opens up and the body follows suit. We are beings of energy manifested in the physical realm, but reality is not defined by what we see – it is defined by what we feel.

Madison James is a degree educated 38 year old international male escort from London with a keen interest in BDSM, Tantra and massage. He has an aptitude for intellectual conversation, an inquisitive mind and a genuine desire to help women embrace their sexuality one orgasm at a time!

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Madison James

Madison James is a degree educated 37 year old international male escort from London with a keen interest in BDSM, Tantra and massage. He has an aptitude for intellectual conversation, an inquisitive mind and a genuine desire to help women embrace their sexuality one orgasm at a time!


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