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My Journey To Being A Trans Domme


My Journey To Being A Trans Domme

I have been into fetish since I was 18, my first girlfriend used to say, “I may have taken your cherry, but you corrupted me into PVC and bondage”. And that really says a lot about me LOL.

I have always been kinky and as I got older, I experimented more and more, pushing the sexual envelope with partners that I trusted with my dirty secret… that I was as kinky as they come. Now, vanilla sex bores me!

Give me latex, give me restraints, give me strap-ons, give me pain, give me a subbie slut, give me a strict Domme, give me a tight hole or a huge cock…. Don’t give me missionary with the lights off.

I may work as a Domme, but in my personal life, I am a switch. In all of my major relationships, it has played a big part in our sex lives. I have taken so much enjoyment out of being an obedient sex slave, and being a sadistic Dom/me.

But I also don’t take it too seriously. Me and my ex-partner used to be poly and swingers, we would regularly get sexy at Fet clubs. I used to call it “recreational fun humping”. I don’t let it consume my life, though I admit it is a big part. But it is a part of my life I love.

I think everyone should be lucky enough to find a partner to explore their kinky sides with. Dear readers, don’t suffer (or want to suffer) in silence, date on the fetish scene!

How My Interest In BDSM Developed

That is actually a… hard question (sorry, cant resist a good pun).

As I said earlier, I got my first girlfriend into kink. I remember how terrified I was when I told her I wanted her to Domme me in a PVC basque (I’d yet to discover latex) and suspenders with her knee high boots. But she was far more sexually experienced than I was and simply said, “yeah, lets try it”. I will never forget how she tied me to a chair and rode me, and it’s one of my favourite sexual memories.

I found as I went on that the majority of girls I was dating were subs, so I got into being a Dom (I considered myself male at the time, hence Dom not Domme). I found I was actually a sadistic bastard, and torturing them got my cock (aka now, my clit on a stick) rock hard. I experimented with different types of pain, control and bondage, I got quite good, Though I still had my inner sub that needed playing with occasionally too.

My fetishes evolved too. Knee high boots, stiletto heels, latex, seemed stockings, strap-ons, BIG strap-ons, latex, face sitting, breath play… Did I mention latex already? The more I went out to fetish clubs, the more they evolved, the more techniques I learned and experiences I had. The better I got. Being an experienced switch gave me an edge too. I was a great Dom/me because I knew the subs mindset, as I occasionally had one. This insight allowed me to further hone my skills.

To the point now that I actually charge for it!

The Appeal & Attraction Of Being A Dominant

The appeal is control, it is the sadism. But the greatest gift a sub can give to me isn’t money, gift cards or flowers (don’t get me wrong, I love to receive all of them), it is their submission. There is no greater show of trust on this earth, than when another human being gives their submission to another. “I give you my body and mind to do as you will, punish me, train me, fuck me, abuse me. I do this because I trust you will respect my hard limits and safe word“.

I am a sadistic person, an imaginatively sadistic person. While I know some subs go into subspace, I once went into Dom/me space. A friend had asked me to teach him pressure point tortures (my specialism, will go into later). I tortured his partner’s whole body, she was writhing in agony, I was loving it. At the end, I flopped on the bed in a kind of exhausted high that I had never experienced before. It was magic, peaceful and blissful. I call it Dom/me space as I can’t thing of anything else.

When a person offers me their body and mind, I push and use both, and I get off on it. I get off that this person is paying ME to pleasure ME. I have them suck my clit on a stick, lick my ass, and one person was actually able to take my clit on a stick up his arse too. I have complete sexual control…. and I love it. I get to tease them and torture them (within agreed limits) and it’s all about MY pleasure. Though Ds isn’t just one way (that’s abuse), both parties need to get what they need out of it. They meet my needs, and I make sure the way they do that meets theirs ( I will do other things too within my agreed limits if I enjoy them), and both of us are happy. That is Ds. Mutual play, not one way. when two peoples’ demons play well together.

My Journey To Becoming A Trans Domme

My journey has taken me about 19 years, Since my first steps into the kink world at 18. It was a long and painful one at times. But filled with amazing people who taught me a lot. After spending most of my adult life in fetish clubs.Llearning my skills as a Dom/me (as that was how I felt as a man that was expected of me), and occasionally as a sub. I experienced so much and had some awesome encounters with colourful people. Had kink based sexual relationships with some colourful people, and some unfortunately toxic ones, but we have all been there.

But it’s the last year I think that is what you are all interested in, my journey from male kinky bastard, to transgendered Dominatrix. Okay, I am going to bare a bit of my soul here because it concerns my private life, a world I try and keep separate from my kink life.

In 2016, I separated from my wife. I’m not going into that. We were still in regular contact and trying to remain friends. I was financially struggling when she reminded me that I always said if money was hard enough, I would become a male escort ( I had slept with a lot of men, and was a blow job queen with an ‘accommodating’ ass hole).

So, I signed up to and within a fortnight I had my first client. It was a bit fun at the start, but I didn’t really like it. I was always giving the pleasure (granted I was good at it), I was always on my knees. it was vanilla gay sex and bored me. I advertised more as a kinky escort, but to no real avail. Business was scarce and I wasn’t finding it full filling (LOL, bum pun).

Then by chance about 3 months ago, I posted a pic of me in my latex hood, PVC corset and suspenders. This was a pic of me at a club, as a sub. Then, quite quickly I had a message along the lines of, “Oh Mistress, you look amazing, please make me Your slave”.

Something in my head woke up and took notice, she uncurled herself and sat up, put on her high heels and walked to the front of my mind. I had always considered myself genderfluid, always felt more comfortable, natural and sexy in women’s clothes and underwear. So I thought about it, wanked a lot about it too. Talked to a few pro Dommes I knew and asked their advice.

Then I decided I would give it ago as a experiment. I changed my profile from that of a kinky male switch, to Mistress Danni TV. I changed all my blurb and names on Fetlife and Twitter, and upped my prices too. Business was twice as much in the blink of an eye, and turns out I was a fetish!!!! I was sexually happy with the work, I haven’t sucked a cock since, I get sexually pleasured all the time. I LOVE the control, but most of all I love the outfits I get to wear, the latex, the corsets (now in a 26″ and can fully close it) the boots, it is the sexiest I have ever felt in my life.

I love being a trans Domme. It is a big part of who I am. My new years resolution is to become a resident Domme in an established dungeon and further my kinky career.

It led though to some startling realisations, uncovering of memories long hidden and some troubling thoughts. I realised from being Mistress Danni TV, that what I always saw as genderfluid and cross dressing went a lot lot deeper than that. It made me realise that I’m not a genderfluid man, but a transgendered woman. I have altered my profiles now to Mistress Danni TG, seen my GP and have got a referral to the trans clinic. I am starting down a path I never thought I would take, but I have good friends around me, and for that I am very thankful.

Favorite Kink Activities

As a Domme (beyond the sexual side) my favourite thing to do to a slave, is tie him down and edge him, mercilessly. Gods I fucking love that!!!! To see him writhing about in utter sexual frustration gets me so hot. Making him beg, plead and just denying him. Taking him to the edge and stopping, seeing the tears run down his face…. fuck I love that!!!!!!!!

I experienced it a few years ago as a sub, from a woman I was seeing who was a Domme, and it blew my subbie side’s mind. I found out from a few Dommes that lots of men do want it. And I’m not surprised. So, part supply and demand, part personal selfish sexual sadism, I do it in session.

My other favourite activity as a Domme, is pressure point torture. I have done martial arts for 18 years. The main one I studied was Ninjutsu (I have a brown belt), and I can safely manipulate a persons pressure points to cause pain, pleasure and utter agony in a session. I love it because unlike hitty toys, it is more intimate.

It also takes skill and the pain levels can be very finely controlled, doesn’t leave marks (well flesh tearing techniques do, love them too) and the pain is instantaneously on, and instantaneously off. I recall I had a client who said he couldn’t be marked, so tried to disobey, I simply put pressure on a nerve under the clavical, looked him in the dead in the eye and said “I can cause you utter agony without leaving a single mark”. He behaved for the rest of the session 😉

Mistress Danni – Pro Domme, Over a decades of enslaving pathetic subs. Love edging, T+D. Pro Piercer.

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Mistress Danni

I have been into fetish since i was 18, my 1st girlfriend used to say "I may ave taken your cherry, but you corrupted me into PVC and bondage". And that really says a lot about me lol. I have always been kinky and as I got older I experimented more and more, pushing the sexual envelope with partners that i trusted with my dirty secret... that i was as kinky as they come. Now, vanilla sex bores Me!


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