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Sexual Fetishes You Should Know


Sexual Fetishes You Should Know

I absolutely love fetishes. I find it extremely attractive when people know what they want and have no problem expressing it. Any sort of fetish, personal kink, or lifestyle that makes one happy, is awesome in my book. As long as both parties give consent, are happy, and aren’t hurting anyone, I’m happy.

How My Interest In Fetishes Began

I’d say that I began to develop fetishes as soon as I matured sexually. There were certain things that people did to me, or that I could do to myself, that would really stimulate me…really get me going. For masturbation, I am really into pillow humping, and with others, I learned I like things a lot rougher. That being said, a role-play such as daddy/daughter or anything generally male dominated is a total turn on for me. The more I experiment with different fetishes, the more I end up liking them.

I’ve usually discovered fetishes through others. They’d often try things with me that I’ve never done before, and I’d find myself ridiculously turned on. Degradation, calling me a “whore,” hair pulling, choking…you never know what you like until you try it. I’ve also watched a number of porn videos that have helped me learn what other fetishes I enjoy.


Fantasy Vs Fetish Difference

I like to think of a fetish as an idea or perhaps an object that turns someone on. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be an object or idea, it can be a concept. Honestly, it can be anything! These things can be something as simple as pantyhose, lipstick, feet, chastity devices, cuckolding, incest – the list is endless. More complicated ideas or concepts can be transformation, mind control, brainwashing, freezing someone in place and manipulating their limbs or fucking them, vore – once again, the list is endless.

A fantasy, to me, is more of a situation that you’ve created in which those fetishes may or may not appear. It’s something that you desperately crave to happen, or something that you know won’t…but it still fucking turns you on. It is all part of the imagination, as we’re all guilty of coming up with our own crazy, amazing sex fantasies. Perhaps you have a teacher fetish, and you have a situation in which that teacher seduces you a certain way, does something specifically to you…and bam, you’re rock hard. That’s a fantasy.

Favorite Fetishes

I’ll have to name a few for this one. I am REALLY into role-playing incest. The mother/son, brother/sister, daddy/daughter relationships are extremely hot to me. With mother and son, the mother can be over-nurturing and jealous of her son’s girlfriends, or the son can be dominating, forcing the mother to do things she doesn’t want to do. I also enjoy intimacy in the incest role-play. Perhaps a secret affair between the family members, or just a night of love making.

I am into the more natural side of this fetish…situations a real family may experience at some point. However, I also do like dominating and blackmailing roles between the family.

Mind control, brainwashing, and magic control. Maybe you have a bitchy wife who completely deprives you of sex, so you decide something needs to change. You purchase a chip, a potion, a remote, or even a special pair of headphones. You place the chip on their neck, give them the potion in a drink, or put headphones on them with subliminal messages while they’re sleeping to rewire them. Honestly, you can use anything.

You basically train your wife to be mindless, obedient, and of course, your personal sex slave. They are hypnotized and stuck in a trance, staring straight ahead, moving in a zombie-like state, and awaiting your command. You have complete control. “Yes, Master.

Magic control. They don’t have to be mindless, though. You can just do something to change their personality. Make someone into a sex-fiend, a bimbo, etc. You can force them to strip, dance, freeze in place – whatever you like. They can be self aware, without any control to stop, or a new person altogether without any knowledge that you’ve done something.

Robots. One of my favorites! The future. There are fembots that you can control via voice or remote. They are not human. Fembots are mechanical, man-made, and sold! They are built to serve you, with a, “Yes, Mas-ter.” Their dialog is often broken up and monotone, much like how you think a robot would talk. They walk and move in jagged movements, and have a perfect build. Their bodies are full of wires, CPUs, cooling systems, etc.

However, even with the best technology out there, sometimes there are problems. Robots can glitch and malfunction. Their movements can become extremely stiff, even more jagged, and their dialog can repeat. “Mal-Mal-Mal-Mal-Mal-func-tion.” Their jaw might open, their eyes can lock or shift from side to side, they can shut down, or be on low battery. Then it’s time to call the tech company.

A good example of robots is the scene where Austin Powers comes across the group of fembots. They are all extremely sexy, look alike, sound alike, and programmed to seduce and kill Mr. Powers. However, with the incredible power of Austin’s mojo, they begin to malfunction. Their heads bobble back and forth, smoke comes out of them, and they explode.

There are different types of robots. They can have certain functions and duties, such as robots that are maids, strippers, sexbots, or they can be a cyborg programmed to kill you! Robots can be designed and programmed to do whatever you like. Of course, if their current function doesn’t please you, you can always reprogram them to have a different one.


Uncommon Fetishes You Have Probably Not Heard Of

I wouldn’t necessarily call these fetishes uncommon, or any fetish really. There are always dozens of people who enjoy something you may consider an odd fetish. Given that approach, I will share some interesting fetishes I’ve discovered.

Vore. The idea of predator/prey. The prey fantasizes about being eaten alive while the predator fantasizes about eating another creature alive. The predator usually devours a person or creature alive and whole. The predator may then develop an enormous belly from swallowing that person or creature.

Futa. Females with dicks. Not to be confused with cross-dressers or males. It is a fetish for women with dicks. The person has all female and feminine attributes, but has a dick. In most videos, females grow huge cocks that release great masses of sperm.

Of course those fetishes are more complex than I could ever explain! Some other interesting fetishes are giants, giantess, clowns, adult diaper, and age regression. I could list a hundred of these!


My name is Fifi Foxx, and I am a fetish porn model and producer. I run XXXMultimedia with my partner, Aiden Valentine. We’ve been producing high quality porn videos for the last year and a half and will continue to do so. Some of my roles inside the production include: modeling, directing, booking, script writing, market research, and descriptions. is our official website where you can purchase most of our clips for 10% off and order custom videos. Custom videos are usually ordered with special requests or personalized for the client. Perhaps there aren’t any videos for what you specifically want, so you can get one made! There are several models, including myself, to choose from. is our clipstore. It has all of our clips up to date. We are working on putting all of those clips up on our website as well. is our BBW-SSBBW store. Here you can find overeating, weight gain, feeder/feedee, belly fetish, and other fat clips. is our studio’s twitter account where we keep updates on our progress with clips and our stores. is my personal twitter account. Please say hi! is my partner’s personal twitter account. He makes the clips fancy, adding special effects and sound effects. He’s pretty much a tech guru. Aiden is also the editor of all the clips you see, and has built our website from scratch. If something looks really good, he made it.

As mentioned earlier, we did just open a BBW-SSBBW store (Fat Hotties) that we will be adding new clips to regularly. In addition to that, we will be opening another store, hopefully within the next month or so, featuring only male models. It will be completely dedicated to male fetish.

We are also hiring new models to make our scripts come to life. Look out for a number of videos that have a different look, feel, approach, and unique storyline. It’s been known that I like to get weird.

As always, we are upgrading our website for a more enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the quality of our clips has improved tremendously. Don’t believe me? Check it out! And as always, feel free to write me your scripts, ideas, or suggestions.

Images courtesy of Fifi Foxx
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Fifi Foxx

My name is Fifi Foxx, and I am a fetish porn model and producer. I run XXXMultimedia with my partner, Aiden Valentine. We've been producing high quality porn videos for the last year and a half and will continue to do so. Some of my roles inside the production include: modeling, directing, booking, script writing, market research, and descriptions.


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