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Top 9 Sex Travel Destinations for Swingers


Top 9 Sex Travel Destinations for Swingers

When it comes to talking about the best places to travel to as a swinger, there are many differences in opinions. There are three basic things to consider when choosing your sexual vacation: resort quality, price of the trip, and how erotic you want the experience to be. Each of the following options (in no particular order) will give you a different experience and as such, all are not for everyone. And so … pack up your luggage and here we go:

Hedonism II. Probably one of the more famous and talked about resorts. It is located in Negril, Jamaica and is very well established. That is both good and bad depending on what you are looking for in your vacation. A well-established resort also means an older one, but they have done some major renovations in recent years. In addition, such resorts also tend to attract an older crowd. As such, my suggestion would be to find a compatible group which has organized a trip there and travel with them. Swingers Group Trips are the best ways to experience all that the resort has to offer.

Desire Resort & Spa and Desire Pearl Resort & Spa. I put these two resorts together as it is hard for me to talk about one of them without a comparison. They are both located in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico, and while their facilities are nicer than the ones you will find at Hedonism, do expect to pay more for your stay. These are strictly couples-only resorts, except on special occasions where they have weeks dedicated to threesomes. Again, I would suggest traveling with a group that is already going because it can be a little quiet during off-peak season. Both Desire resorts are definitely above average in their “hotness”. If you are looking for something more on the erotic side but also quite upscale, then spring for Desire Pearl, it will cost more but it is worth every penny for the extra luxury.

Cruise Ship Takeovers. These are not your average cruise vacation. A swinger’s cruise can be as spicy as you want; you decide the areas of the ship you visit! From the clothing optional pool deck to the “play rooms”, things can get pretty wild. It is pretty much a non-stop swingers party where most of the guests are between mid-30s to mid-50s. If you are not up to going to the group rooms for sex and prefer things a bit more low key, then meet new friends at the pool party or hang out in the disco or other dance areas where while things are erotic and sensual, but no sexual activities are allowed. If you want to dive into the action, then make sure to visit the “play rooms” where you can literally expand your sexual horizons. Each cruise is different and there may be theme areas like dungeons, dark rooms, and even rooms just for the ladies.

Hidden Beach. Now, this is the only “true” five-star resort in the swinger’s category. It is operated by the company that owns El Dorado Resorts, a four-star resort and its sister property. Hidden Beach is a totally private, clothing-optional resort that is both elegant and exquisite. All guests of Hidden Beach can enjoy the restaurants and amenities at El Dorado (which is not clothing-optional).

Spice Resort. Located on Lanzarote, one of the Spanish Canary Islands, Spice Resort was established in June 2010 as an all-inclusive, adults only, clothing optional European-based property. Spice resort compares favorably to Desire Resort in Cancun, although the former is attractive to open-minded nudists as well as swingers. The offering of high-end food rounds out this erotic resort. In fact, this may be an easier travel destination for those coming from Europe.

Temptation. This resort is located in Cancun, Mexico and is a good start for those who are not too keen to jump on the idea of a full-fledged swinger’s vacation. It is topless optional rather than clothing optional which can be less intimidating for some. Their upbeat sensual vibe is instrumental in creating an enticing atmosphere which is both invigorating and relaxing. This resort caters to all adults as compared to couples-only resorts such as Desire. They are also a little less blatant in their sexual nature and are recommended for those who just are not sure if a sex vacation is for them … yet.

Caliente Resort. This is officially a nudist resort, but in recent years Caliente Resort has been catering more towards the sensual side of one being naked with special theme nights catering to swingers. They are located in Florida just north of Tampa and have amazing accommodations. This is definitely a great travel destination for those in the US looking for somewhere a little more local.

Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort. Located in the heart of Pattaya, Thailand, it is a small hidden resort where liberated couples can fulfil their sexual fantasies in a mysterious and exotic location. It is a small resort (only 15 guest rooms) where guests can meet each other around the pool and then proceed to make their own party. Every day at Rama Kien is a new day to explore your fantasies.

No matter which trip you decide you want to try, I’d strongly suggest that you try and arrange your schedule to travel with a swinger’s group as this not only makes it easier for you to meet people, it also allows you to book your trip getting the best rate available. In addition, there are also speciality group trips catering to “bucket list” locations, or mini-takeovers of a floor of a hotel somewhere exotic, like Italy or Iceland. Whatever the nature of your holiday may be, let us know because we are here to help at Tryst Travel.

Enjoy, Sandi

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