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Kink Up Your Sex Life

Sex Ed

Kink Up Your Sex Life

I’m a bit of a masochist and definitely submissive. But, I’m a strong submissive, so I’m attracted to soft dominant types and they compliment me the best when it comes to a relationship. A soft dominant would be a man (or woman) who enjoys inflicting pain and asserting their dominance in bed, but are generally gentle and kind as people outside of the bedroom. A strong submissive would enjoy enduring a dominant’s desires, but generally has a more assertive personality in all other matters. You get the idea.

I don’t consider too many things that I do as kinky, because for me, it’s just normal. I once heard someone say that ‘swallowing’ was a kink, but for me that was always just natural for me do to. I’ve tried anal a couple times. As it is, I’m not a huge fan, though obviously I couldn’t have thought so bad of it or I wouldn’t have tried it more than once. I really like having risky sex such as giving head on the road and doing a quickie outdoors. I have an assortment of fetishes. Some, as mentioned, are related to BDSM and others are not.

What I Like A Guy To Do During Sex

There are times I like it when he is dedicated to trying to get me off first, and others when we both know that he needs to get his rocks off. It depends on the chemistry between us. When the sex is meant to meet my needs first, I like when he dirty talks to me and changes position until he can see (or hear) which one feels the best. The important thing about that is to stay there, unless my climax is purposely being denied. Then that’s hot. I love when he teases me with his hard-on by pressing it against me or slapping me in the face with it, and forcing me to take his length when I go down on him until I gag a bit. Having my clit tended to by him pressing or rubbing it while he pounds me is bomb. But, more than that, I love to start out by flirting and taking intuitive myself. Putting myself on top is also a sure way to make it fun for me when I’m in that sort of mood. That way, I get the best view of his sex faces. Sex faces that arise despite his best intention to control himself. There is something amazing about that.

When it comes to the more primal sex on his part, (the sex where his needs are met first) I love to be bent over spontaneously on some piece of furniture – a counter, a chair arm, a dresser, then let him go at it until he’s done. Sometimes this isn’t the best option, except I can’t help but loving the idea of a guy taking his frustration out on me in that way.

Tips To Kink Up Your Sex Life

  1. I would suggest exchanging any fetishes you may have. Think of ways they can be incorporated.


  1. Watch some porn for inspiration.


  1. Try to push your boundaries in order to make your fantasies real.


  1. Remember to bring it up with your partner before you take initiative.


  1. Don’t be too disappointed if your attempts don’t work out the way you wanted them to. After all, we all start out awkward in most things.

20 year old Cam Model and erotic content creator. In social media, I go by the alias MoonConjured but am more personally known as Alira Latex. I’m a visual artist by aspiration and admire all practices of creativity. Follow me on Twitter @MoonConjured, Instagram @MoonConjured, ManyVids and Chaturbate

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Moon Conjured

20 year old Cam Model and erotic content creator. In social media, I go by the alias MoonConjured but am more personally known as Alira Latex. I'm a visual artist by aspiration and admire all practices of creativity.


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