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Be inspired by fitness competitor and enthusiast Bethia Wee


Be inspired by fitness competitor and enthusiast Bethia Wee

Who is Bethia Wee?

Hello! I am Bethia Wee, a fitness competitor, blogger and enthusiast from Singapore. I love training as it keeps me sane! I am also currently a year 3 student at Ngee Ann Polytecnihe, taking up an International Business Course.


What’s your fitness regime like?

You can say that I am addicted to training as I train everyday! I adopt a split routine, training different muscle groups on different days.

Monday: Legs

Tues: Back

Wed: Chest

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Arms + Cardio

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Any lagging muscle group + Cardio

I add in abdominal exercises based on feel twice a week!

I’m a morning junkie so working out enables me to start my day on the right note.


Where do you get your motivation from?

I need no motivation because I love what I do! So in another word, I am self driven and motivated, my goals of getting better all the time keeps me going. I work hard, I see improvements, and I feel good. That is more than sufficient.


Common excuses you hear about not exercising?

“ Oh, I’ve no time. Too much work!”

“ I don’t think it will make much of a difference”

“ I am fit enough, exercising is not necessary”

“I’ve accepted the fact that I am lazy.”


What’s your favourite food?

No one exact favourite. But cod fish, chicken breast, sashimi, dark chocolates, ice cream and smoothies are on the top of the list!

How is your diet like?

I watch what I eat very closely to ensure I can stay relatively lean all year round. Definetly not to look like how I was on stage, but good enough to be called for an ad hoc photoshoot.

It isn’t difficult for me to eat clean because I don’t fancy fried oily food either. I am also a person pretty adverse to change to food(picky eater), so my weekly diet is generally the same!

Monday to Sunday Breakfast:

Protein Bar + Bread + Peanut Butter + Shake + Chia Seeds (optional)

Weekdays lunch & dinner:

Meals at Wafuken in Asia Square Mall Tower 2.

I take exactly 10 meals per week there, and this is of no exaggeration at all. You can say that I am addicted because they serve delicious clean Asian fusion Japanese style cuisine, which I can never get sick of! As mentioned earlier, I am very cautious about ensuring I get the right nutrients I need on a daily basis, so having my meals at a place I trust makes it all simpler than to think of different places to eat everyday.

Weekends lunch and dinner is where I do some research for food hopping! Anywhere with a good serving of protein, I am good haha.


If you had the choice of any superpower, what will it be and why?

I want to have the superpower of emptying my tummy whenever I want 😛

Enabling me to eat loads of food, and just anything, without getting fat! I will be able to selectively remove all the excess food and unhealthy crap from the stomach after meals.


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Which cartoon character best represents you?

I would say Popeye the sailor the man because he brings around spinach. As silly as it sounds. I bring around vegetables in my bag- celery/carrot sticks, corn, cherry tomatoes. All that snacks to keep me alive!

What other hobbies do you have?

I love to eat! I find joy in looking up for new places to eat, in particular Japanese buffets where I can go crazy on sashimi haha.

Other hobbies would include dancing, something I’ve been doing since young. Though I haven’t been dancing as OFTEN, I still enjoy it very much! Hopefully I’d be able to plan out some time for it in the later part of the year.


Craziest thing you’ve done?

When I was 15, I felt that my life was too plain and decided to do something beyond the ordinary. I pencil rolled on the streets of Orchard Road, planked in the middle of the pavement, wore pyjamas and high heels, all for the fun of it.


What’s sexy to you?

Independence and trust In terms of physical appearance, nice delts and chest!

For free weekly fitness, dietary tips and other great stuff, do enter your email in the subscription box on! Bethia is also working on a marketing project with fitness/health/food related companies. The outreach of this would be more than a million audiences in a month! If you are keen to know more, drop Bethia a mail at

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