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What turns model Sheila Snow on?


What turns model Sheila Snow on?

Who is Sheila Snow?

My name is Sheila Snow. Currently I live in Manila, Philippines, but growing up, I lived all over the country, from Ilocos in Luzon to Agusan Del Norte in Mindanao. I went through around eight different schools growing up.

I consider myself somewhat of a geek. I love board games and cartoons. I also love intelligent and down to earth people.

My two favorite hang out spots are Dyce N Dyne, a board game bar in Pasig ( and Tipsy Pig in the Fort. If you catch me there, my drink of choice is a Jack N Coke.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE good coffee… and NO, Starbucks is not “good coffee”

I have a baby kitty named Maki, who wakes me up every morning and cuddles with me all day.


What’s one fun fact about yourself?

I’m bisexual. I am attracted to both men and women. I don’t know why, and it’s not a phase. Been like that since I can remember.


What turns you on?

Men with nice arms, and women with big boobs =)

Craziest thing you’ve done?

I am the biggest dork ever. I always follow the rules and am afraid to not. I swear this one time the guy I was dating dragged me into the mall…. But we walked in through the EXIT!!!! I mean something as little and as stupid as that freaks me out and I almost cried and totally got mad at him. I thought the security guards at the mall would arrest us and put us in jail! Yes, I’m a dork.


Favorite drink?

Jack n Coke – nuffsaid


Do you spit or swallow?

You’re talking about my Jack n Coke right?

Choice between sweet, salty or a little bit of both?

Sweet! OMG I love sweets! Cupcakes and chocolates and cakes and candies and gummy bears and gummy worms and gummy anything and just sugar….. get in my belly!!!


Which movie character best represents you?

Russell the boy scout from the movie UP. I don’t know but I feel like I’m just such a goofball sometimes and like I don’t really know what I am doing in life… But I know that like Russell, I have a good heart and pure intentions and I always want to help people. Oh and like Russell, I also really love animals.

Worst rejection you’ve faced?

All rejection is the worst rejection! I don’t know…. I guess I’m kind of a softie at heart. I really can’t handle rejection. I get so scared and fragile when it comes to rejection. It kind of makes me not want to try anything new because I am afraid of rejection. So hopefully your readers won’t reject me when you post these =’(


Must have in your wardrobe?

I think each girl should have that one sexy but classy outfit they can wear. So like a nice cocktail dress that can be for a business-ish type of event but can also turn some heads when you take it out to the clubs after your business meeting.


What’s sexy to you?

Confidence. A person who’s comfortable with who they are and not really worried about what other people think. So someone who’s just themselves and not trying to impress anyone else or pretend to be anyone else.

I’m an aspiring actress currently training with ABS CBN’s Star Magic Workshops. So wish me luck in seeing me in a big production in the future!

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Images courtesy of:

Sheila Snow photoshoot

Executive Producer: Vince Golangco

Model: Sheila Snow

Photographer: Doc Allen

Video Director: Harold Soon

HMUA: Lhen De Jesus-Ong

Stylist: Kristine Toribio Lights: Martin V

Assistant Photographer: Chris Andrew Hizon

Location: Victoria Court Malate

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