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Hong Kong’s very first YouTuber Ruby Tang


Hong Kong’s very first YouTuber Ruby Tang

Being Hong Kong’s very first YouTuber and freelancing as a model, the pretty Ruby Tang has a legion of fans who subscribe to her channel, giving updates on beauty tips and her vacation trips.

Hi Ruby, thank you for being on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

My name is Ruby and I’m from Hong Kong. I’m the very first YouTuber in H.K. as I started my YouTube since 2010. Besides, I have been a freelance model since 2009. I like trying new things and taking new challenges. Therefore, I am active on social media now. I like to share good branding with others so I hope to find more opportunities to cooperation with different kind of company and people!


Do you have any exciting projects coming up where we can see you in?

I have been taking part in a TV show in Hong Kong recently and it will show on September! Please be alerted and I will update everything on my Instagram: ruby_bebebe.

What’s more, I am going to Europe tour for YouTube video taking. I will join ‘Tomorrowland’ this month. Hope to see you in the party!


You look amazing in all your photos! What’s your beauty regime like to looking so good?

There is only one important word: WATER. I drink at least 3L water per day. Also, a good sleeping quality and remember ‘everyday three steps to keep your skin perfect’. Want to learn more? Check out my YouTube channel: Ruby Close


What’s the craziest thing you have done so far?

The craziest thing…. I would say I ate worm and deep fried insects when I was shooting one of the TV show from cable TV H.K. (十萬蚊港女大翻身) That was a really memorable experience as I was seating in the toilet for two hours after that. I needed to release my extra protein inside my body. Little lesson: Worm contains of a lots proteins that you needed for your daily exercise hahaaa

One thing you absolutely must have in your wardrobe?

Underwear. Not being funny but this is true. I believed girl had thousand of underwears in wardrobe that it is not only for showing off, but also matching with different kind of clothing which you are wearing everyday. Different color or style are needed for your changing style. This is important for everyone!


Your dream holiday destination is?

I studied in Switzerland before and came back to this international city last year. If I could choose, Switzerland Lucerne is my dream destination.

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself.

I look cool at first but I am crazy in deep, i.e. I like to show my very ugly face to my friends.

I believed I am not a Asian when I was small because I watched too much Foreign movies.

I like breads and I can eat plain bread three meals a day for months.


Which is the favourite part of your body?

I like my nose the best since I don’t have to do plastic surgery to get a pointed nose. hahahaa

It’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy, Ruby! Before we end, tell us what is ‘sexy’ to you?

I see ‘sexy’ as deep as your beauty inside your heart. I felt ‘sexy’ when I prepared myself very well and came out with confident. People can see your sexy by sharing your happiness even when walking. This is sexy to me and nice to meet you all on SimplySxy. How’s yours?

Follow the lovely Ruby Tang on:
Instagram: @ruby_bebebe


Images courtesy of Ruby Tang

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