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Improve your sex life with Tantric sex today!

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Improve your sex life with Tantric sex today!

What is Tantric sex like

Being alive and creative, Tantric sex is not the same every time! So it’s hard to describe what it is “like”.

However, because tantrics train to allow sexual energy to flood throughout the body, tantric sex is usually an experience of energy and bliss that takes one beyond the normal state of consciousness. Rather then being each person’s will that guides the interaction, both people can surrender to this incredible energy. It can be similar to an experience of dancing so such great music that suddenly you feel as if you are being “taken” by the music and you are riding on waves of bliss. Not only do the two partners feel deeply connected to each other, but they feel connected to life itself and to all that is! Many people feel that tantric sex is a spiritual experience.

The big difference between Tantric Sex and “normal” sex is that normally people are taught to build up energy, contract around it and eventually push it out in an explosive orgasm. In Tantric Sex, people are taught to bring relaxation and arousal together, using special breathing techniques and other methods. This has the effect of expanding as energy builds rather than contracting. The energy can then rise up through the whole body, opening the heart and expanding the mind, creating full body orgasm.

Photo Credit: Sex to Spirit movie

Photo Credit: Sex to Spirit movie

How is Tantric sex beneficial

Because Tantrics work with energy, tantric sex floods the body with energy, very high vibrational energy. Ancient tantric practitioners knew that this energy could heal the body on many levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Those who engage in Tantric Sex report feeling higher levels of creativity, energy, joy and connection. The tantrics believe that sex with a lot of ejaculation can deplete levels of energy, joy and well-being as well as reducing the connection between the couple over time. So Tantrics learn to draw the energy upwards into the body instead of releasing it out, creating multi-orgasmic experiences and also deepening their connection and intimacy together.

Photo Credit: Shashi Solluna

Photo Credit: Shashi Solluna

Who is Tantric sex for

Tantric Sex is usually a calling that people have. It is not for everyone. It is more that simply raising levels of pleasure…it raises energy and consciousness. I have found that most people feel a calling to Tantra at some point, and this is a deep yearning for more depth, more connection and often just a longing for something that they cannot even identify.

Some people move from something like yoga into Tantra as they want to bring more consciousness into their sex life. And others come into Tantra because they are very sexual people, with a lot of sexual energy, and they want to learn how to work with that energy in different ways.

Occasionally someone stumbles into Tantra by “mistake”. Women in particular have a natural tendency towards full body orgasm and given the right circumstances they may accidentally experience Tantric sex. However, they may then need to learn how to enter Tantric Sex consistently.

The reason I say it is not for everyone is that Tantric Sex shakes up your life! It can change everything. If you are content in your habits and patterns, then Tantric Sex is probably not for you. If you feel a deep inner calling for more, then Tantra may be your next step…

Photo Credit: Sex to Spirit movie

Photo Credit: Sex to Spirit movie

What beginners should know

They need to know that there is no hurry. If people race to draw energy and orgasm up through their bodies too fast, then they can easily get overwhelmed, and even feel fear and panic (as the energy is so strong). Tantra is always learned in stages. Because it works with huge amounts of energy, you do not want to force it…that would be like putting thousands of volts through a thin wire! It will burn out! Rather there are stages and steps that activate the energy channels one by one, and slowly the body becomes prepared for Tantric Sex. In fact Tantric Sex gets better and better the more you practice Tantra!

Beginners also should know that this needs to be learned from an expert. One way is with a teacher in a workshop, and another is with a trained tantric massage therapist. Be warned: many people call what they do “Tantric Massage” because it sounds good! But you want to look for a therapist who really knows how to help you work with your energy. This way you can gradually move towards Tantric Sex.


Read Shashi Solluna’s profile below and visit her links at: personal site teacher trainings movie on Tantra blog platform for recommended tantra teachers

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Shashi Solluna

Shashi Solluna is a highly-trained Tantric expert. She has spent 15 years immersed full-time in the field and has trained in Taoist Sexual Arts, Classical Tantra, NeoTantra and Tantric Massage. She is currently making a ground-breaking new movie following one man on his journey into Tantra, “Sex to Spirit”. She runs teacher trainings to empower men and women into this field. She is passionate to bring tantra to young people and teens in the future, so that we can all start earlier with a healthy vibrant sex life.


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