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Michelle Kimberlee, the voluptuous glamour and fitness model


Michelle Kimberlee, the voluptuous glamour and fitness model

One of the best things about Melbourne, Australia is knowing you might have the chance to run into the sexy Michelle Kimberlee.  Internationally known for her glamour and fitness shoots in magazines, as well as being a ring girl for MMA fights, Michelle talks to SimplySxy on fitness tips, her sexiest shooting experience and her favourite lingerie.

SimplySxy: Hey Michelle, great to have this interview opportunity with you on SimplySxy. Tell us about yourself and how you were discovered.

Michelle: Well it all began when I signed up to a promotional modelling agency when I just finished high school, and had to do a professional photo shoot to create a portfolio. My first shoot was on the beach and it was so much fun! I fell in love with modelling and never looked back 🙂


SimplySxy: You’re also a qualified make-up artist. Does this make it easier during your own photoshoot or there is added pressure on the make-up artist?

Michelle: Yes, so much easier, especially when I’m crunch for time! I love make up and prefer doing my own make up for shoots so I can just get to my shoots ready to go 🙂 No waiting around!


SimplySxy: What is the sexiest shooting experience you’ve undergone so far?

Michelle: The sexiest shoot was probably one that I did recently in a pool with a white wet t-shirt! Another one was a little different, it was a pillow fight on a bed with another girl in lingerie, it was so much fun, we had some good laughs :p


SimplySxy: For someone who loves fitness and works out regularly, please share with us some fitness tips to get an amazing body like yours.

Michelle: The best tip would be to make a routine and stick to it! At the moment I’m going around 4-5 times a week, and even when I’m tired from a long day I still force myself to go! My gym is 24/7 which makes it a lot easier, no excuses! Stick to exercises you enjoy. Diet is also important but I allow myself to eat treats here and there 🙂 I love chocolate too much!


SimplySxy: That being said, will you consider dating someone who is out of shape?

Michelle: Haha! I don’t date people purely on their looks and shape but it is attractive when they take care of themselves! That being said, some guys can take it too far and be too obsessed with their looks which is a complete turn off!4

SimplySxy: Do you get hit on a lot when you’re out or are guys too shy to approach?

Michelle: I do get hit on quite a bit when I’m out but some guys will see me out then message me on social media and tell me they saw me instead of approaching me! I think it’s cute when they’re too shy to say hello.


SimplySxy: What is your favourite lingerie and how big is your collection?

Michelle: My lingerie collection is pretty decent sized, but you can never have too much lingerie! I love playboy lingerie, they have such beautiful patterns and it’s never boring! I love lingerie that stands out 🙂 I don’t own any beige or plain lingerie at all, it’s all sexy lace, rhinestones and see through 😉


SimplySxy: What’s the wildest thing you’ve done?

Michelle: Hmm.. Too many things to say! I think I’ll have to keep them a secret, you might find out one day.


SimplySxy: It’s a great pleasure to interview you Michelle, and before we end the interview, how do you define “sexy”?

Michelle: Sexy to me is having class and confidence! And being happy within yourself 🙂

You can catch the gorgeous Michelle Kimberlee on:
Instagram: @michellekimberlee

Twitter: @mishykimberlee

Michelle Kimberlee will be in LA in July and August for holidays and modelling.  Keep a lookout for her if you’re there!

Images courtesy of Michelle Kimberlee

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