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Flora Cheung is Hong Kong’s kinkiest actress


Flora Cheung is Hong Kong’s kinkiest actress

You will have seen the sexy Flora Cheung in the movie 3D Sex and Zen or cooking with nothing on except a see-through apron on her own TV cooking show.  Confident, beautiful and totally at ease with being naked on camera, SimplySxy gets to find out more about Flora on her sexual fantasies and her favourite sex position!

SimplySxy: Hey Flora, it’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy. Can you tell us 3 fun facts about yourself which your fans might not necessarily know?

Flora: Apart from modeling and acting, I have a side job, as a dominatrix! Actually a lot of local people already know, since I’ve been interviewed about it for a local TV show. I also dressed in a dominatrix outfit for a movie premiere, (and) I made such a big hit! The press and media all focused on me instead of the leading actress!

I have sexual fantasies about yoga teachers! Only some of my closest friends know about it. But none of my fans know, not even my yoga teacher!

I am single.


SimplySxy: You acted in the 2011 movie 3D Sex and Zen which was a hit back then in Asia. How was the experience like and do you have any other exciting projects coming up in 2015?

Flora: It was fun shooting 3D Sex and Zen but it was also very hard work, one of the shooting days lasted for 26 hours! 3D movies are more difficult to shoot then 2D because of the light settings, and for actors we have limited area for our movements. I enjoyed very much the lesbian scene, we all gotta hang around naked in the studio, it was so funny and kinky. No one would laugh at you because the crews were very professional, and we were all happy about our work.

My coming up project would be acting for a TV series in China, “Maritime Silk Road“, in which I will be playing many different roles, one of that would be an ancient sexy trading girl! We have built an ancient ship for the shoot.

SimplySxy: One of our enduring images of you is being the Naked Chef, hosting a cooking show where you cooked naked in the kitchen. How comfortable are you being naked in front of the camera and at home?

Flora: I have been an artistic model for 7 years now, I have no problems posing nude in front of the camera, it really depends on the photographer, I am very selective about who I work with, and he or she must have a positive thinking on nudity. Being naked at home is very natural, and I do cook naked sometimes!

Apart from that, I have done a naked sushi job (Nyotaimori) for a bachelor party in New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I shared my photos on Facebook, and I got so many comments, but not all of them are positive. Some people say it is humiliating, some told me to stop doing this. Why is it? I don’t understand. I wish I can do this job again! For perhaps a Hollywood movie!


SimplySxy: What hobbies do you have and if you did not go into acting and modeling, what will you have done?

Flora: Before I got into modeling, I used to be a stage performer. I’ve done traditional Chinese opera and tour puppet shows. The reason I got into modeling because being a stage performer was so poor, the government in Hong Kong don’t give much support on that, and I couldn’t even pay my rent! So I had to think of some other ways. Finally I got into modeling.

Modeling gives me much more money, especially that I do nude. In Hong Kong we have very few female nude models, so I got all the businesses!

I did 8th grade piano in high-school, and I studied computer science in the University of Sydney, but I’ve never got into IT, and I’ve put down my piano skills for a while. Now I feel like studying music again, for 2015, I really should..

My hobbies are yoga, aerial yoga, wing chun, and thai boxing.


SimplySxy: How will you describe your fashion style and what do you feel sexiest in?

Flora: More vintage styles. For example gothic, geisha, and qipao. A lot of men say I should be in burlesque style.

I feel sexiest in Japanese style because my sexuality is more like Japanese, and very old dynasty of China!


SimplySxy: Your favourite part of your body?

Flora: I like my eyes, they can be very captive. 🙂


SimplySxy: What is the naughtiest thing you have done so far?

Flora: I seduced my art school teacher to have sex with me, in the classroom! It was a break between classes and we had only like 5 minutes! We switched off the lights and locked the door, and we fucked very hot for 5 minutes, and then we turned back on the lights and waited for students to come in! It was so exciting and scary! Because there were so many females at that school (who) wanted to hit on him, but he only fell for me! If those females knew they would have killed me!


SimplySxy: Please share with us your idea of a romantic weekend getaway

Flora: Getaway.. From what? I always think about work and do more work. I meet lovers all over the world as I travel for work! Being romantic is to enjoy the simplest things in life.

SimplySxy: Do you have a favourite sex position?

Flora: It doesn’t matter. It really depends on the partner, if he is initiative then he goes on top, if he is passive then I go on top!


SimplySxy: It’s indeed a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy Flora, and all the best for the rest of 2015! Before we end, can you tell us how you define “sexy”? 

Flora: When you have something that people deeply admire, then you are sexy. It can be parts of your body, it can be your personality, it can be your skills of changing light bulbs that makes you sexy, at that moment.

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