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Martha’s Rain Dance – Full Version


Martha’s Rain Dance – Full Version

It’s Sept 29 as I write this, and I just made another video of me dancing in the rain.

raindance2a 1024x627 Video: Martha’s Rain Dance – Full Version

The first one was interrupted because of not just thunder, but also lightning!

It was an good effort for an amateur dancer like myself. I hope you recognise it’s not about the show-womanship, but the intention.

What I really wanted to was to complete the dance – regardless of how it looked or how I looked.

Sept 26 – Partially-completed rain dance video released.

Sept 27 – As you would have it, it did rain the next day, but the door slammed on the camera twice. Also I didn’t like the angle of the camera.

Sept 28 – Only day since I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur where there was no rain!

Sept 29 – Dizzle. I waited, and waited, and could wait no more. It’s funny how this is one of the few times I wait for, will for, and pace around asking for more rain! I decided to go for it instead of problems with the tripod.

And this is the result…

A friend reshared this with me. Hope you love it as much as I did.

10296591 10152620618055845 5201743585230359018 n 225x300 Video: Martha’s Rain Dance – Full Version

Check out my previous video of me doing a rain dance (which was interrupted by the lightning!). I have one of me doing the Chakra Dance here. There is actually another video of me doing an Ecstatic Dance. Check out my other blog posts here

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