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The Misconception of Swinging


The Misconception of Swinging

swingSome might ask, “What’s all the hype about swingers and living this particular lifestyle?” It has been a hot topic for decades, yet people shy away from the subject when they hear these words muttered, but why? For many, understanding the real meaning and true concept of this inner action amongst consenting adults is a lot to wrap their hands around. Allow me to give you my take on the topic; Swinging is basically a turnout of people looking for something engaging where there are no rules and seduction is a succulent utopia. Yet it certainly has been misconstrued by many. Why do couples swing? Maybe their relationships have become dull, boring or uninteresting? Maybe they’re looking for a way to spruce up their sex life and kick it up a notch?

There are people who do not really know the true meaning of swingers and or swinging couples, thus they don’t really understand the lifestyle and what it entails. They’ve been called philanderers, sexually stimulated by others wanting to engage at revelry. Some might suggest it to be a fetish of dominating adults where they lay around in sexy lingerie or in the nude waiting to get laid. Some call it an adult orgy, a one night fling amongst adults, a wild night of merrymaking. There is an array of words that one could use to describe it; nonetheless a fool’s paradise would be the best way for me to narrate this matter in hand. Let me first state what swinging is NOT … Swinging isn’t getting playful with one’s partner and having immediate sex. It all starts by building an atmosphere of affection.

Is this something for everyone? No, but for those who participate in this lifestyle, it is as common for them as it would be for an ordinary couple to have date nights together. For some, swinging is as routine as it would be to go out to dinner every week. In the 1960s, swinging was something big in the hippie era and it is something that has been going on for years and years where people are pleasured by the thoughts of meeting someone new where they can release their inner desires and deepest fantasies. Who goes to swing clubs? Bisexuals, heterosexuals, gays and lesbians.

You can participate with a partner(s) or you can watch and live it up in your own world of lust. Swingers can be single adult men or women or couples who are looking to meet new people and endure some delicious fun that can be both intoxicating and provocative. Those who don’t understand it call it perverted, while swingers simply call it getting kinky.

If this is new for you and you’re thinking of taking a swing at it, being prepared is key if you don’t want your first time at a sex club to be your last. You’re never under any obligation to participate at a swing club, no apologies or excuses are ever necessary. If someone you’re not into approaches you, a polite “No, thank you” will get the message across. If that sounds harsh, explain that it’s your first time and you’re just there to watch. Something to take serious note here is that every club is different, but at most you can expect to find a buffet, a bar, porn playing on a TV, couches, and a few playrooms in most all of these clubs that you go to. The playrooms are usually where the foreplay/action happens, though you’re likely to see couples fooling around all over the club. There are also some clubs that have a naked rule for the playrooms even if you’re not participating, so my advice would be NOT to be the fully clothed creepy one eyeballing everyone who is not clothed. That’s gawky for sure!

What can you expect? What are the rules and terms to know if you’ve never been in a swing club?

  • Be Friendly … Know the fundamental etiquette of swinger clubs. There is really no need to get assertive as soon as you walk in, so don’t strip down to your skivvies and start going at it as soon as you walk in the door.
  • Be SAFE! I’m saying to practice safe sex. Keep your junk in your trunk until something is agreed upon. Don’t just assume anything. Guys, please … bring the condoms!
  • Whatever you do, DON’T give off any sort of mixed signals. If you’re asked to join someone or a couple and you are not interested, a simple “No, thank you” is best. Beating around the bush with a “maybe later” will only keep that annoying person around you for hours stalking you like his/her prey.
  • KNOW THE RULES! No touching unless you’ve been asked to join in. Always keep an open mind. Be respectful of others. Most swing clubs have a buffet where it’s much easier to meet and greet. There is generally also BYOB alcohol policies at a club (they provide the drink mixers), so get yourself a nice glass of wine to relax a bit along with a few snacks, and be seated. DON’T get drunk! Often first timers tend to have one too many to take the edge off so that they are relaxed but this can be a deal breaker folks because it is quite insulting to say the least if you have to be drunk to endure sexual pleasures with someone.

Do understand that there are a variety of clubs. Where can you find them? They are all over the place and vary amongst cities and states. Some clubs as premise clubs do not allow “street” clothes in the play room areas, so if you do not want to run around there naked or wrapped in a towel, sexy lingerie such as a bedroom costume is an excellent choice. Know the dress code! In some, you need towels only and in others, women wear sexy lingerie and men wearing underwear are appropriate. You can find an array of sexy lingerie including adult theme party lingerie at Visit the bedroom costumes section where you’ll find something erotic and titillating. If you are looking for adult travel choices or for swinging, I would like to suggest This is an excellent choice and a favorite of mine where they will assist you in fulfilling your deepest desires. Specializing in Adults Only Erotic Vacations, Tryst Travel is an excellent choice for your adult vacation. Here you will enter a world unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. They specialize in vacations that are designed to entice the senses and stimulate your deepest desires in a variety of locations.

Stay tuned for my next article where I will reflect on swingers and the proper swinger terminology used, along with suggested sexy adult theme party lingerie pieces that are arousing, intoxicating and sexy to wear at any swingers club!

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