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What is a Hotwife?


What is a Hotwife?

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I get asked all the time what a Hotwife is? Let me start by putting it very simply, Freedom. Freedom is readily available for the Hotwife who is in stable relationship with a Cuckold husband. I have complete control in deciding whom I wish to have sex with and when I have sex with them. My Cuckold husband has no control in whom I fuck or when I fuck other men. He actually wears the panties in the family! That’s the way our Hotwife Cuckold relationship is.

I was always a nasty girl who liked to fuck and wanted to be with numerous men (boredom with same cock comes quickly for me) but society looks at this as wrong way. Our current culture says I am a slut or whore because I love to fuck lots of men.

I always knew I had deep sexual desires to fuck as many men as possible. Again, society says I am a dirty little slut for feeling and acting this way. Guess what now I am proud to say “I am a dirty little Slut” and I love it.

When my husband first told me he wanted to share me with other men, it confused me and scared me and I thought this must be wrong even though deep down, I loved the idea. Society says having what you want sexually is wrong. Who makes these rules anyway? For a Hotwife, you are allowed and encouraged to fuck other men, how liberating. Why should we listen to what society says about how we are supposed to live our lives. Isn’t it your life to live? As long as both husband and wife are in agreement with the situation and it heightens the relationship, I say go for it!

In the beginning we would go to regular bars and clubs to find other men.

It was very hard in the beginning to find other men to fuck; I think I scared them with my aggressiveness and the whole situation. We were still figuring out our boundaries.

We started going to swingers clubs and it became much easier to find lots of guys to fuck! The men at swingers clubs understand what is happening and are not frightened that my husband is right there.

My cuckold does not take other women but he is allowed to fuck me almost daily. He loves watching me get fucked and it is the highlight of his week when he gets to clean a fresh creampie out of my pussy. We talk about what turns us on and what our boundaries are, since this does change as you progress in the Hotwife Cuckold relationship. At first, I wanted him in the same room while I fucked another man and did not feel completely comfortable being alone with another man. This stemmed from wondering what my little cuckold was doing while I was not with him. This was my own insecurity and ignorance of our situation. As timed passed, I understood that my cuckold husband was just sitting like a little schoolboy waiting to eat my fucked pussy like it was an afterschool snack!

The highlights of this relationship for me are the feeling of being like a princess. Who wouldn’t feel like a princess when you have more than one man wanting to please you as many times as you will allow. I love the freedom to choose who I want to fuck. Variety is the spice of life and how true that is, I can have a man who is short, tall, well built, young or from any ethnic background I choose. I get a new sexy Hotwife outfit to go out in every weekend.

It is an awesome feeling when your husband points out a man that he thinks you might be attracted to or wants to see you in bed with. It is the type of love where you know that there is nothing that will separate the two of you and no matter what, you always go home or come home to your Cuckold husband.

Read on as I share an experience over the Labor Day weekend with two different men on page 2!

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Annette Hotwife

I am the Vice President of a Software Company and a mother of two children. I am a real Hotwife and my husband is a cuckold. I am involved in amateur xxx and love sharing my life and photos with others.


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