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Meeting a guy for the first time, one of the things I will look out for are his fingernails.  Long or short, bitten or not-bitten, clean or dirty, fingernails condition are one of my top priority list of items in a guy that has the potential to be an absolute deal breaker.  How a guy looks after his personal hygiene and cleanliness determines how he can treat a girl.  And if those fingers are going places, there are certain standards which I require to be met before they are allowed any entry.

Red Flag 1 – Long nails

I don’t think this applies to most of the guys I know and have met.  But nonetheless, long nails are a no no.  I’ve never had a guy with long nails enter me and never will.  I can imagine the finger inside my pussy, but instead of feeling the tip of the finger rubbing against my g-spot, it will be the nail scrapping against it and my inner walls.  Not a good feeling for any lady out there.  So guys, no long nails please, you aren’t digging for gold or collecting DNA samples down below.   For girls like me with long nails, we use vibrators.

Red Flag 2 – Dirty nails

Need I elaborate?  I am looking for an orgasm, not a yeast infection.  Do ensure that your nails are clean and free from dirt trapped underneath the nail.

Red Flag 3 – Bitten nails

I had the unfortunate experience of being fingered by a guy who bit his nails regularly.  All was going smooth when we were kissing and his fingers were rubbing around my clit and the entrance of my pussy.  But when he slid his finger in me, I felt a small sharp pain as the nail poked against my skin.  Once the finger was inside, I thought it was done as I no longer felt his nail.  However, he started thrusting his finger in and out of my pussy thinking it will bring me to an orgasm.  Instead of enjoying being finger fucked, I felt as if I was having sex with a satay stick.  I was pissed off with the experience and he didn’t lucky that night.

Short and Simple

So guys, we girls are not looking for you to go out and do a manicure.  Keep your nails clean, short and clipped with no sharp edges, and we can assure you, the whole experience will be so much more fun.  Imagine me sucking your dick and using my teeth to scrap on the skin.  Now that’s something you won’t want to happen right?

Mandy Tan

An avid traveller with a deep passion for writing, Mandy enjoys life's simple pleasures such as popping bubble wraps, the sweet aroma of wine and children's laughter to name a few. As a contributor on SimplySxy, Mandy believes that sex is a form of art to be enjoyed and discussed openly.


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