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Neely Steinberg

Neely Steinberg

For the past decade, Neely has been writing and speaking about dating, love, and relationships. She has been a featured expert in a wide array of media outlets and has created and hosted two radio shows and an internet TV show on the subjects of dating, love, and relationships. Drawing from her Master’s degree in Counseling and her passion for helping others, Neely’s dating coaching practice The Love TREP®, based in Boston, is dedicated to teaching and coaching smart, educated, professional women across the world, ages 25-42, how to use an entrepreneurial spirit, mindset, and approach to find healthy, happy dating lives that lead to healthy, happy relationships. Along her own entrepreneurial journey in love, Neely met her fiancée. She is inspired every day by the love that she has found with him (and is especially grateful for this relationship after spending many years struggling with dating). Concurrently to her time as a dating coach, columnist, and speaker, she has worked as an academic advisor at one of the top schools in entrepreneurship education in the country. During this time, she learned a thing or two about entrepreneurial women and men, entrepreneurship, and the ways entrepreneurs think and act when building their business ventures. She was inspired daily by the people around her (students, faculty, administrators, and alumni) to think differently about the way we approach the subject of entrepreneurship and its uses. In other words, people can use an entrepreneurial mindset, approach, and framework to help them create lasting love in their lives. She has taken this collective and abundant knowledge of both the worlds of dating/relationships and entrepreneurship and spent over a year researching and writing her first book Skin In the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love, which shows women how to become entrepreneurs in their dating and love lives, so that they are creating, building, and shaping their love stories. Her book is not about offering generic dating advice or one-size-fits-all relationship advice; it’s about approaching the dating world as an individual and putting the power back in your hands so that you can innovate in your love life. Fittingly, Neely became an entrepreneur herself, naming her coaching business The Love Trep® because of her strong conviction that the entrepreneurial way has tremendous value for singles looking to find love. Indeed, drawing from entrepreneurial principles to inspire singles to action informs many aspects of her coaching philosophy.

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