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Kella McKinnon

Though I used to work in Boston in the biotech industry, I’m now loving life on a small farm in New England where my husband and I are raising our three children and lots of animals, including goats, chickens, sheep and alpacas. Between taking care of ‘the farm’ and shuttling the kids to dance class and piano lessons, I manage to find the time to pursue my own passion: writing. I relish creating stories and bringing my characters to life on the written page, and each book is a labor of countless cycles of inspiration, frustration and satisfaction. Of course my house is never clean, but a messy house is a sign of a busy mind, right? I’m passionate about the romance genre because of the emotional journey a well-written novel can take the reader on, and my goal with each of my books is to do the same for my readers. I would love to hear from you at, or Click on the links below!

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