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Dawn Serra

Dawn Serra

Dawn Serra co-hosts Sex Gets Real, a weekly podcast on all things sex and relationships. Her favorite topics include all things kink, finding ways to make sex fun, reducing fear around tough conversations, and demonstrating ways to live vulnerably and intimately within our hookup culture. She is also preparing to launch a series of sex workshops this summer, with titles like "From Curious to Kinky" and "Sex Gets Real: What You Should Have Learned in Sex Ed."

Following a seven year relationship that was largely sexless, Dawn jumped into the wild world of sex with gusto. Armed with stories that range from heart breaking to horrific, Dawn is also writing a book on her sexual adventures and how diving into the hookup culture with a desire to find intimacy revealed a world of self discovery, self acceptance, and love.

She lives in the Washington, DC area with her four cats.

If you have a question drop Dawn an email at

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