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Mega Moolah Slot Games Saga


Mega Moolah Slot Games Saga

For those of you just starting out your online slot gaming career, you may well not be in the know about Mega Moolah or even its developer, Microgaming. To keep it short and sweet, Mega Moolah is regarded as one of the most popular slot games available at and it uses a progressive jackpot, which basically means that players can win a much larger jackpot accumulated from other players’ bets.

On top of this, Microgaming is one of the world’s leading developers in online slot games who have over twenty years of experience in the online slots gaming scene. It is no wonder, therefore, that their hit game, Mega Moolah, has been copied and developed by other gaming companies. This evolution, and sometimes plagiarism, of Mega Moolah, is referred to as Mega Moolah’s game saga due to the ongoing popularity of it.

What is Mega Moolah?

Before we delve deep into the nitty-gritty of the entire saga, you need to know a little about Mega Moolah itself. So, take out your notebooks and pens for we are about to take you on a brief history of Mega Moolah.. do not worry, it’s not going to be that boring!

·         The Game – The slot game, which was created in 2006, uses a unique to its time style of playing, the progressive jackpot. This means that players’ losses are contributed to one pot which a lucky gamer will win if they score the jackpot. It is no wonder that other online slot gams would go on to copy and alter this mode of play.

·         The Mechanics – Mega Moolah has a surprisingly low return to play of 88.12%. Considering that the most popular slot games attract audiences with their promising 97% RTP, Mega Moolah has surged in popularity nonetheless.

People are attracted, though, by their low minimum buy-in of 25cents and their high 25 paylines on five reels!

·         The Theme – Thematically speaking, Mega Moolah has a very exciting and attractive aesthetic of African Savana. So, take a trip along the deserts to see the wildest animals that you have ever seen and hopefully, you will be the lucky one by the end of it all!

Now that you are keyed into what Mega Moolah is, you might be able to see why it has become such a saga of other games using its attributes!

The Mega Moolah Saga

Maybe the term saga hypes up Mega Moolah slightly, but the fact that so many games have copied and referenced Mega Moolah’s attributes might be an indication of both its popularity and ease of play.

Here are just a couple of games that have contributed to the Mega Moolah Saga, and why!

1.       Mega Vault Millionaire

2.       Absolutely Mad

3.       Atlantean Treasures

If you fancy clueing yourself up on the great Mega Moolah sage, whilst at the same enjoying the hell out of some online slots, then have a spin on Mega Moolah and then some of its similar counterparts!

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