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Texas Based Content Creator, Spook


Texas Based Content Creator, Spook

Hello, thank you for reaching out and featuring me! I go by the name Spooky and I’m a 21 year old content creator based in Texas. I make hair instalment videos on Tiktok and post aesthetic hair content on Instagram.

Where do you love to shop from and what inspires your fashion style?

Local thrift stores and goodwills are my go-to places to shop at. I always find unique pieces that are hard to find in regular clothing stores. Everything around me inspires my fashion style. I find inspiration through films, the people around me, and past eras.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Yes I enjoy painting, photography, going on nature walks, and watching shows/films that make me go through an emotional rollercoaster .

Which is the best compliment you have received?

I received a DM from a supporter a while back when my account was smaller and in the thoughtful message, she mentioned that I was inspiring and helped her with her confidence. At the time, I didn’t think my videos could make an impact on someone so receiving that compliment genuinely made me happy to do what I do.

Would you rather have superhuman speed or control objects with your mind?

No doubt superhuman speed, I’d get so many things done!

What 3 fun things do you love to do in your city?

Going out with my friends, watching the skyline at night, and going bar hopping.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a foodie are you?

I would say I’m a 6, as much as I love trying new foods, I always stick to making the same go-to meals.

What turns you off on a date?

There’s a lot, but my main one would be someone that’s rude or disrespectful.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Spookysszn. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I define sexy as being yourself, unapologetic, and true to who you are.

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