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International Published Model Tina Marie Duran


International Published Model Tina Marie Duran

SimplySxy catches up with Tina Marie Duran in today’s feature interview as we get to know her better!

What is your fashion style like and where do you love to shop from?

To be brutally bloody honest I can take any off name racket outfit and sport it down the red carpet even if it’s from the thrift shop!

Do you have any fashion accessories that you cannot live without?

No! I don’t have a big thing for accessories. I’m simple, I don’t like gaudiness; small and simple, that’s me.

Which 3 things do you enjoy doing most in the city you live in?

I’m not really much of a social butterfly. I’m a visionary so I like to remain inside and make my visions a reality to life with a positive force as I impact the world!

On a scale of 1-10, how much of an adventurer are you?

On a scale of 1-10 I AM a 10 cause I’m a more of a free spirit than an extremeness.

If you could time travel, where will you like to travel to?

Ha Ha Ha, now that’s a trick question because being one to whom loves our worlds’ history, I would love to go everywhere given the opportunity and speak every tongue known to man because to me, all language known to man is beautiful! 

Would you rather have super sensitive taste or super sensitive hearing?

It would be a hyper sense and ability in my hearing because I love music!

What do you not get about guys?

What is there not to comprehend about men, they have alter egos! 

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Instagram: @lusciouslotus77 / @tina_marieduran76 

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Twitter: @tinamarieduran1 

And my @OnlyFans is on my Twitter!

I’m taking a break but as of right now I do have several publications out that you can perchance and a OnlyFans 

Images courtesy of Tina Marie Duran

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