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Luna, Head of Cosplay Group Neko+Chiral


Luna, Head of Cosplay Group Neko+Chiral

Hi~ I’m really glad to have this opportunity! I’m 19 years old, a Russian cosplayer, the head of cosplay group Neko+Chiral and a foreign philology student. My hometown is Izhevsk (it’s the hometown of AK-47). I’m not a professional cosplayer (I want to be!), but I take sewing commissions as a part-time job. Also, I do art-fencing when my health lets me.

How did you get started into cosplay?

Well , I’ve been fascinated by the cosplay world since I was 11! I even tried to do research for Kagamine Rin and Ciel Phantomhive cosplays and volunteered at an anime convention, but I’ve had zero experience at this type of things (and zero money too) so my plans were just plans.

Later, when I turned 15 my friend asked me if I wanted to attend the new convention in our town as her partner in a stage performance. Con preparations were really spontaneous, we ordered a costume from a cosplay seamstress from another town and a wig from Ali-express. The costume was delivered to me just on the day of the convention (imagine how embarrassing that is) and it turned out that the costume was HUUUUGE.

Also I had poorly glued fake lashes, eyebrows covered with soap and I forgot to take props for a performance. Despite all of this, we got second place in the performance competition.

What have you learnt so far in your time of cosplaying?

Redbull is the god of energy drinks, especially when you don’t sleep three days in con crunch, while having a cold 😀

But seriously, cosplay taught me a lot: to meet new people, to easily communicate with them, it taught me leadership and responsibility. I learned to express my emotions through a character and also to bring art and creativity into whatever I do.

And of course I’ve learned to sew, craft, do makeup, style wigs, draw, dance, airbrush, to do stage fights and acting etc.

Which beauty products do you use regularly?

Actually I don’t use any beauty products constantly, except, maybe, “Dolce milk” lip balms, they’re amazing. I have a dry skin, so I do use moisturizer and sunscreen when I go out.

How will you describe a typical day like for yourself?

It depends, but it would be more interesting for you to take, for example, a photoshoot day.

I wake up early because I have a lot to do. I don’t eat since I’m quite anxious about my waist being too big. If I have something unfinished in my costume, I finish it, then iron the costume and check if everything is there including props for a photoshoot (fake flowers, books, fake blood, etc.). Later I do my makeup and wear at least a part of the costume, so I don’t have to waste time at the studio (yes, I leave my house wearing cosplay). Also, I have my friends assisting with the photoshoot, so I meet them beforehand.

After a photoshoot we usually go to KFC cause gosh, I’m always so hungry and exhausted after shooting for an hour or two. And then finally I have time to rest and watch something or play video games. Trying to work after a photoshoot is a torture for a body, so I won’t even touch my current projects before the next morning.

Is there a place or city you have always wanted to travel to for a visit?

I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan since I was a child! I want to visit maid cafes, butler cafes, all of these merchandise shops. And also, it would be amazing to shoot a cosplay in Japan!

Would you rather have the power to mind read or teleport?

Oh I wish to be able to teleport wherever I want with all of my heavy props and costumes. A road to a convention town can take up to 36 hours. It’s not only a waste of precious time in which you could rest or finish your costume, but a way to exhaust yourself before even arriving.

What is an ideal first date to you?

There’s no such thing as an ideal first date for me. If a person is interesting and supportive, it would be ideal even on a park bench with McDonalds’s food.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Luna. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Well that’s difficult. I guess for me it means somebody confident and attractive. But mostly confident. I mean looking so confident, so I won’t even mind if they press me to the wall like it’s typically done in anime.

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