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What It’s Like Being An Asian Escort In Australia

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What It’s Like Being An Asian Escort In Australia

This is an opinion questionnaire from my own experience to what I have gone through or seen or heard myself. It is in no way finger pointing at anyone in particular. I apologise if any fellow sex-worker or ex-worker is offended by these opinions.

Escorting personally should be treated like a business. I run a business model that entails branding and marketing and customer management. Nothing short of any other business you set up.  The misconception that escorting is NOT a business and Asian girls are small, quiet, desperate and horny is so wrong!

The Australian  Sex Work Environment

Sex work in Australia personally is working in a competitive environment. It really comes down to how you market your brand and maintain your customer base, very similar to any other business.  As an oriental or minority-background and bigger than your average size 4-6 escort, we do face hardships more than other workers. If you can see it with other industries, you can surely see it in THIS industry as well!

Challenges Faced As An Asian Escort

I started this brand (Summer Choi) after being under a different brand. I needed to be some-what unique to the other Asian escorts who were prevalent on advertisement directories. My old clients used to always assume that Asian girls are small, petite and quiet on the outside, yet seeking a man to unleash their horny side. They were quick to realise I’m definitely not that average “Asian Girl”.

They call me an independent woman, a listener, switched-on and comfortable in my own personality and image.  I changed my services from the “horny Asian girl next door” to “luxe oriental companion”. From then on, I have met many genuine clients who appreciate this difference. I may not have as many bookings as before but my business sees quality over quantity.  I have more longer bookings than short bookings.

Misconceptions About Asian Escorts

All Asian girls are easy, desperate, quiet and petite” is the general premise I hear from everyday inquiries. I have also been called ‘fat, overweight and too hard to deal with’, even through the first contact. For my business, I market to what my personal image and experience all in consideration of legal and safety requirements.

Many clients, when they see me at the booking, they are surprised I am not as other Asian girls are. They see me as a professional escort who does not see multiple clients a day, making quick easy bucks to pay rent, doesn’t have an Asian accent or hard to speak to due to language barriers, nor am I a matured old lady who steals from other girls’ advertisements. Now, this is another debate for another day.

Difference Between Being Independent & Working In A Brothel

I have heard many stories that brothels mistreat their workers to the extreme; however, I cannot say I’ve been in that situation as I have not worked in a brothel myself.

Being independent does give you the flexibility to make your own working hours and conditions. Independence also gives you the ability to create your own rules and branding that suits your own business. Yes, it is harder but think of it as creating any brand a new business. It takes your own time, experimentation and skills to maintain a business.

Advice For Aspiring Asian Escorts

Keep in mind you are in a market pool of escorts. Don’t be discouraged by these “other brands” (escorts). Just work on your own brand. Brand, rebrand, and rebrand to what you are comfortable with and maybe you will find your own twist that you can market.

I wished someone had shown me the ropes before I started however. If I had not followed other wonderful sex workers on Twitter and supported sex work groups while I was “just starting out”, I would not have developed the skills and courage to become “Summer Choi”.

Note: This article is in no relation to the Sydney tragedy or towards any individuals or groups.

Summer Choi is an independent oriental luxe escort business that isn’t run by your average Asian escort.

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Summer Choi

Summer Choi is an independent oriental luxe escort business that isn’t run by your average Asian escort.


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