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Malaysian Model Si Jie Ng


Malaysian Model Si Jie Ng

Hello! Before I start I want to thanks SimplySxy for having me here. I am 19 years old; a girl who loves to explore new things and live a life full of dreams. I’m from Taiping but currently stay at Penang. I enjoy my life as a Diploma Fashion Design Technology student .

How did you get started into modeling?

It started off once I came to Penang. At first, I participated in a competition at Autocity (Party Queen 2018) . Even though I didn’t win any place, but I earned an amazing experience that day. And soon, there was a Sub Beauty’s student and also Clovis MakeUp’s student which were my make up artist wants me to be her bridal model. I decided to give it a try and thank God everything went well. Honestly, I’m so glad to have this opportunity. Furthermore, there’s a few photographers who find me as their model for photoshoot collaborations until today .

Which is a memorable photoshoot experience you have had so far?

So far, I think the lingerie photoshoot was the most memorable photoshoot experience for me and I had absolutely zero knowledge on it. I was also told to make a short video of it which I’m so nervous of because it was my first time doing this. Luckily, the photographer was quite nice to me and willing to give me chances to try new things. It was a wonderful experience!

What is your beauty regime like?

Well, my beauty regime is quite simple. As a fashion design student, I have to sleep late at night for my assignments, so I mask twice a week and also go for facial every week. Besides that, I try to eat healthy food and go for a gym with my friend during weekends. I am not allowed to simply use any brands of skincare because my face are quite sensitive ; I just use my facial skincare which I bought from my facial .

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Yes I do! I like to dance. I participated in a dance performance with my school’s senior as a team for my school concert last year. Other than dance, I like reading novels during my leisure time and singing *laugh* even though I don’t have a nice voice. I will go for a vacation during my semester break because travelling is one of my interests.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or learn but haven’t had the time?

Hmm, honestly nothing much but music instruments are always a thing I wanted to learn. I kinda admire people who are good at playing it. I tried to play and asked my friend to teach me but I still can’t get along with it .

Which flavor best describes you?

Spicy! *laughs*

The reason I said is that because I always prefer sexy clothing!

What is a funny or lame attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Uhm…based on my experience there was a guy who liked me. He tried to chase me by giving me a giant teddy bear and the point is he wrote a poem and wanted to read it out for me. I found it funny but I didn’t accept it  No offence! We are still friends. *laughs*

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions SiJie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy means it is all about attitude, not a body type. It’s a state of mind .

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Instagram: @sijieng_

Upcoming works: Kerosene Lamp photoshoot collaborations on 1stJune .

Images from Si Jie

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