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What It’s Like To Be A Findomme


What It’s Like To Be A Findomme

Being a Findomme can be very rewarding but the thing is, you must put in the work . My day consists of calls from my various phone lines and FaceTime/Cam sessions which goes on throughout the evening. I am truly dominated and have a lot of fun and enjoy when I run across a submissive, I can assign him tasks.

I have always been a person that has understood different people’s fetishes and kinks. I have never been judgemental on those that live the alternative lifestyle. Some fetishes are very innocent to me and some I have a understanding and have guided the individual better on exploring their kink. Cross-dressers and sissy’s are one of my favorite to assist with, for instance. In a way, my online work has assisted and helped many individuals live out their fantasy and that makes me very happy.

How I Started As A Financial Dominatrix

Well first, I was a stripper for many years. I was always bossy and dominant in the club and attracted to submissive men. Before, it was a thing to be an online Domme and I had subs already catering to my every need. In 2012, I made a Niteflirt profile as I was looking to stop dancing and my love for being in control turned online. I made a Twitter account that did go to 20 k followers. However, I did take it down in 2015 due to a personal issues and a stalker.

Do You Need Any Equipment?

For online, I didn’t need as much equipment and props. However, I’ve always enjoyed them when I’ve been gifted items. Now, since making videos on my clip store, I have had to expand my collection of floggers and apparel.

How Important Is Understanding Kinks & Fetishes

Yes, it’s very important. It’s not all about giving me money as there’s a lot psychology involved as well. Each sub is very different and they are all not alike. I am always trying to educated myself more and more on different fetishes.

Characteristics Of A Good Findomme

Of course, be dominated and in control.

Be creative and just have fun. I really do enjoy the work that I do.

I enjoy the calls by the subs and the web cam sessions where I am in control.

Types Of Subs I Look For

Loyal subs are my favorite, I have subs that have being calling my lines for over five years now. I also enjoy my sissy’s and cross-dressing subs. I do enjoy the subs that send me gift cards as tributes and clean out my Amazon wish list and I can’t forget that.

Things A Findomme Never Does

Be submissive. In my personal opinion, a woman should always be in control and have everything they’ve always wanted.

Mistress Melena – A Latina Dominatrix!

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