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What Men Want During Sex


What Men Want During Sex

Sex is such a beautiful thing to experience. Through sex you can express so much to another person without even opening your mouth. You can feel a person’s love, passion, energy, jealousy, and even hatred through sex. It’s the closest you can be with someone other than a mental connection.

Sex, even though is exploited a lot in the media as both positive and negative (mostly negative), should always be embraced and showed as something natural and to not hold such a heavy burden on those who decide to embrace their sexuality in a responsible manner (safe sex).

What Is Considered An Amazing Sexual Experience?

When you’re both giver’s and wanting to satisfy one another while being satisfied from knowing that the other person is satisfied is one of the most amazing experience. Whew, that’s a mouth full.

There’s something about seeing another person in pure ecstasy knowing that you are the one that got them to that place.

Misconceptions Women Have About Men

Men want kinky, dirty, or being a fantasy sex, 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, men love dirty, kinky and for a woman to dress up and put on a show for them during sex with killer skills, but it’s not all the time; or even all men. Some men like to have bland, passionate, or slow sex to savor the entire experience, while some do want you to get nasty and perform tricks and do a split when having sex.

It’s similar to when some women feel men don’t like stretch marks and will point them out, when in reality 97% of them could care less or even notice them until later on down the road.

What Do Men Typically Want?

Honestly, most men just want intimacy. The closeness of another person lying right next to them while talking about any and everything that they may feel judged for by people in their close circle. It’s the feeling of letting them express their inner thoughts, emotions and sexual drive in a healthy way to where they don’t always have to justify and show the world how much of a “man” they are.

Dealing with men in my personal life and my career as an escort, that’s the one thing I’ve noticed amongst them all as a whole; just wanting to feel close to someone in an intimate way of making them feel special.

What Is Essential For A Good Sexual Time?

Chemistry. Above everything even experience, I feel chemistry is the one thing to have to ensure a good sexual time.

You can have better skills than a porn star, but if there isn’t any chemistry, it’s the same as when you’re hungry and you just want food and you order something and as soon as you take a bite you no longer want it. It’s not that the food was disgusting, it’s just not something satisfying or compatible to what you’re feeling.

It’s never satisfying to have sex with someone and not have chemistry, at least for me.

Ja’nae Evans –  Model|Sensual Delicacy|A Wandress, Gourmand, & Oenophile Nymphet.

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