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Ways To Get Into The Mood For Sex

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Ways To Get Into The Mood For Sex

I’m naturally a very sensual person so being an escort, I truly get to fully indulge into my sexual cravings. My personal views towards sex have definitely changed over the years. While I enjoy being intimate and also building suspense, I also like a man to take charge. To me, sex that is passionate really leaves a long lasting impression on me as well as the person I’m engaging with.

Getting Into The Mood For Sex

It is not that hard for me to get in the mood for sex. I’m a pretty sexual person but that also depends on the person I’m with. Knowing that the person wants to have a full experience and is also a non-selfish lover. Having drink’s flowing (to an extent of course) and maybe even some fruit’s and some other light food beforehand is definitely a way to get in the mood.

Wearing luxurious sexy lingerie is also very good way to achieve that. If possible, a nice bath, and of course a lot of foreplay. The time’s that I have a hard time getting in the mood is when there is no leading up to being intimate and no build up.

My Turn Ons

What really turns me on is kissing and touching. I have very sensitive skin so even stroking my body up and or around my breast and nipples really turn’s me on. Also knowing that a date is enjoying himself is of course a turn on for me.

Common Mistakes Before Sex

Being too rushed and too rough as not everyone is into very rough sex. Also, focusing on making her orgasm as fast as possible as if you’re trying for the Guinness book of records. This usually turns in to guys doing all kinds of tricks that don’t really do much. All in all, communication is key and asking the person you’re engaging with sexually if that is something that is a turn on or off is very important.

Is Sex A Physical & Mental Enjoyment?

Definitely both, I enjoy having sex and the thought of having that can already arouse me. But it’s also very stimulating when I can connect mentally with a date so it’s just as much mental as it is physical.

Taking Charge During Sex

Overall I do like the guy to take charge. There is something very arousing when a man takes charge and pins me to the bed especially when he knows what to do.

Tiffany Elease – I am an exotic Amsterdam based Escort. Even though I’m based in Amsterdam I am also available through The Netherlands and internationally. As a very sensual companion, I truly enjoy the company of a true gentleman.

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Tiffany Elease

My name is Tiffany Elease., and I'm so excited to be writing again for SimplySxy! I consider myself an ambitious, witty, and sensual exotic high class escort that is based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Being born and raised in the Netherlands and calling Amsterdam my home has allowed me to explore different parts of Europe, however, there are so many more places to discover or better said explore with the right suitor. The discretion of those I meet has always been very important to me. I would describe myself as a genuinely caring person who is very warm and inviting and also have a true passion for what I do. I believe mutual pleasure makes things more intimate while also keeping it lighthearted and fun...


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