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Blogger Connie From Vancouver


Blogger Connie From Vancouver

Hi, thank you for the feature on SimplySxy! I was born in Hong Kong and my family moved to Vancouver BC when I was 8 years old. I’m an animal lover but prefer cats the most as it suits my lifestyle more. I believe I’m a borderline introvert as I’m not the type that can just strike up a conversation with anyone and socializing can be tiring at times. But on some occasions, I would like to party it up with loud music. My favorite food is sushi and I love a glass of wine or two sometimes as well.

When did you first started to blog?

I love clothes when I was a kid or basically just anything pretty. I was deprived as a kid as my parents wouldn’t always buy the kind of outfits that I like and everything needs to be approved by them. Once I started earning my own money, I updated my entire wardrobe of course. Since I’m always shopping, I might as well start my own blog about my personal style. I always have this idea in my head but didn’t really have the courage or motivation to do it until early 2017.

What kind of fashion are you into?

I’m not the one to blindly follow the latest fashion trends. I only incorporated the ones I like and I can carry in my wardrobe. I like the girly or casual chic style usually.

How much of a foodie are you?

I definitely love good food (who doesn’t 😁) but I won’t say I’m especially picky about it. I don’t expect much from a home cooked meal but expect more if I’m eating out.

Have you been in an embarrassing situation that is funny now when you look back?

I had too much to drink at a party and got really sick. My friends were worried and called an ambulance over 😅

What 3 things do you love most about Vancouver?

It’s very multicultural here. Lots of good food selections. Beautiful sceneries with fresh air.

If you could have a super power, what will it be?

To time travel back to the past knowing what I know now.

What is the funniest or lamest attempt a guy has tried to know you?

When I was in the mall with a friend, these two guys approached us. They asked where we’re heading to after and if they could join lol.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Connie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I find sexy isn’t just the appearance. I feel it’s a combination of both outer and inner beauty. Some people can just have an average appearance but the way they carry themselves can play a major impact on how one views them as being sexy whether it’s their intelligence, charisma or kindness.

Or some people can look sexy the first impression from their appearances but once you get to know them more, they’re uninteresting or unfriendly, and don’t spark your interest anymore.

Follow the beautiful Connie on:

Instagram: @brownkittycat


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