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How To Be A Twitch Streamer

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How To Be A Twitch Streamer

Adult web-camming has always been great and ahead of their times.  Streaming is the way to go to make good money fast.  However, I am surprised it isn’t as advanced as it should be with more mobiles since they were the leaders back in the day.  I feel camming should be right up there with going live on Facebook or Twitter.  However, it still makes it’s profitability in the adult industry.

Podcasting is my favorite hobby and I get to record the episodes with my best friend, Joclyn Stone.  She completes me.  We pick a topic that fits our shows and run with it.  I do all the editing with slicing and dicing to make it sound pretty and perfect for our loyal listeners.  Did I mention I love editing?

Appeal & Popularity Of Twitch

I accidentally stumbled upon Twitch from another friend using it.  I was looking for a way to keep my clothes on since I am no spring chicken in the industry.  Twitch is known for streaming games from your PC or console.  I then realized I have to learn how to play a video game.  I haven’t played since the 1980’s.

God, I used to love Super Mario Brothers but I started on an Atari. *cough*cough*  After getting all set up with equipment, I realized I loved this type of entertainment and I could practice my comedy with my team and viewers.  This was more fun than I realized.  I love technology and I get to play with new gadgets, games and geeks.  I should have been doing this sooner.  I just wished I had an unlimited credit card to Best Buy.

I also have been experimenting lately with Mixer which is another broadcasting site for gamers.  I just like streaming my gameplay and bantering with my community.

Choice Of Technology To Twitch With

I don’t have the best of the best equipment but I know how to set it up correctly to make sure it runs efficiently.  You can also stream from your console as long as you have fast internet and connected to the wire.  New Twitches, just worry about your community and building the following.  You will get paid for your hard work later on when you prove yourself.  You have to put in the hard hours before you see the return.  Do not buy the best equipment just for streaming until you know you want to pursue this with passion.  Technology is expensive and changes rapidly.

Recommendations To Get Started

You could stream a PC game off your computer using stream for $5 if you wanted to.  I do suggest having great audio, and good mics are under $30 now a days.  You will want a laptop or desktop that can handle gaming.  I learned a lot through University…. LoL

Getting Popular On Twitch

Twitch is saturated and will take time.  I suggest using Mixer if you want to get noticed faster.  However, there is no guarantee they will be around in the long run.  I suggest to get noticed on Twitch, take a few months and get involved in the communities on Twitch.  This way, when you go live, you will have a head start.  If you already come with a following then you have an advantage.  I read a lot of books of Amazon like “Watched Followed Loved” and listened to podcasts like, “The Broman Podcast”.

Rebecca Love – Horror Makes Me Happy | BMovies | Podcaster | Student of Comedy | Host | Las Vegas | XBOX MissRebeccaLove

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Rebecca Love

Horror Makes Me Happy | BMovies | Podcaster | Student of Comedy | Host | Las Vegas | XBOX MissRebeccaLove


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