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Why Foreplay Matters And Is Important

Sex Ed

Why Foreplay Matters And Is Important

I was raised in a Catholic, traditional Chinese household with strict parents.  In both the Catholic community and my parents, I was brought up to think that sex should not happen before marriage and that anything to do with sex should be treated with shame.  I had sex for the first time when I was in college, and even then I ended up crying after it ended because I felt dirty.   I wasn’t able to enjoy it until recently. Soon after discovering my sexuality without any prejudice I quickly blossomed. My exploration led me to become a cam model and naturally evolved to a budding porn star.

Now my idea on sex is very different.  I find it enjoyable and beautiful.  In fact, I think it is vital for human connection.  We should be able to experience it and enjoy it as often as we want as long as we are responsible with it.

Contrary to what others might think about my sex life, I think that the best way to truly feel and enjoy sex is with someone you love.  Someone you can trust and feel comfortable with to explore your sexuality with.  This doesn’t have to be within marriage as I was brought up to believe but we shouldn’t be in a relationship just for sex either.

People often have this perception of me that because of what I do, I sleep around arbitrarily and don’t value the true meaning of sex.  Porn is not sex that I replicate in my relationships.  Porn is a job in which I carry out acts of sex in different scenarios. Sex is still sacred to me and something to be shared with a deserving partner.

Ways To Get Into The Mood For Sex

I usually like to dress up in sexy lingerie so I can feel beautiful.  Lingerie always does the trick for me to get me in the mood because I want to look hot for the guy I am with.  I also love taking a bubble bath together beforehand with a little foreplay in the water with sensual kissing and touching, Set the mood with music, that always works.  Create an environment using candles and ambient lighting.  I think sex needs to appeal to all our senses.  Then relax and enjoy and let the evening take you wherever it will.

The Importance Of Foreplay

Foreplay is really important in my opinion.  In fact, sometimes foreplay can be even better than sex because of the anticipation it brings.  During foreplay, you stimulate each other which leads to better sex.  Honestly, I think foreplay also allows you to get to know each other’s body better and your likes and dislikes.  More importantly, you get to understand what pleases your partner and what pleasures them.  Foreplay can increase intimacy as well, by heightening our senses and helping us reach the ultimate orgasm, or in my case, usually multiple orgasms!

What Guys Don’t Get About Foreplay

Guys tend to just want to get to the sex part.  They don’t see value in spending time on foreplay because for them it’s just about ejaculating.  For women, our bodies are built and wired differently.  Sometimes just sex alone won’t bring us to orgasm.  We need foreplay to stimulate our clitoris.  I find that the more engorged my clit is, the more intense the orgasm.  The more I am turned on, the more into it I get and I think that turns on guys more, when a female is really horny and wants sex, instead of just laying there like cold fish waiting for it to be over.

Foreplay Tips For Good Sex

I am no expert in sex or foreplay, but here are some of the things I enjoy.  Remember, foreplay goes both ways:

Start with a striptease.  That pleases men and makes a woman feel sexy too.

Touch and kiss each other all over the body and then focus on giving oral.  That really does it for me.  Gets me really wet and horny and by the time we actually have sex, I am already having multiple orgasms.

Hot massage, especially focusing on the erogenous zones on the body like the butt and inner thighs.  Ooooh, that can really leave me wanting sex immediately.

Use a toy like a vibrator or cock ring.  Use it on each other or even during sex.

I find that teasing is also great foreplay.  Leave them wanting more until they can’t take it anymore.

Eye contact is something that most people seem to overlook or avoid,  I love eye contact during foreplay and sex.  That is a huge turn on for me.

Lexi – Good girl gone bad is probably the best way to describe me. You can take me to a ball and I’ll make you look like the ”Man of the Year” then go home and make you feel like a porn star. If you like your girl SWEET and SPICY, you’ve found her!

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Lexi Girl

Good girl gone bad is probably the best way to describe me. You can take me to a ball and I'll make you look like the ”Man of the Year" then go home and make you feel like a porn star. If you like your girl SWEET & SPICY, you've found her!


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