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How To Have Sex On Cam

Sex Ed

How To Have Sex On Cam

Sex is so fascinating to me. There are so many ways to experience sex and sexuality, and sometimes I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. My name’s Demi and I’m a transgender webcam model, adult actress, and electronic music producer from the midwest. I’ve been in sex work for about a year now, and I love it! I used to be very uncomfortable with my sexuality and for that reason I thought I just didn’t like sex. But if there’s one thing I learned from my experience making porn, it’s that there are so many ways to have sex and achieve sexual gratification, and it’s different for everyone!

If there’s one thing I could achieve with my content and my platform, it’s to help people explore and question what it means to be a sexual being and think differently about gender constructs and expression. I’m not quite sure how fucking my ass on the internet will do that just yet, but I’m getting there!

Why I Love Having Sex On Cam

Honestly, it’s the community! I’ve met some really amazing people in my chat and I look forward to seeing them everyday!  Of course it’s super hot to know that hundreds of people are getting off to you, but it’s the people you meet jerking off along the way that last a lifetime. I have also started making content and camming regularly with Lily Demure (@LilyDemure on Twitter) and that’s been an amazing experience! I’ve never had anyone to make content with before, so it’s been great working with her. We have a lot of things in the works right now, so stay tuned for that!

Demi The Human and Lily Demure

Equipment Essentials For A Good Camming Experience

The best thing about getting into cam modeling is if you have a webcam and an internet connection, you’re good to go! You don’t need fancy equipment to make your stream look good. Just try to follow some basic rules of shot composition and you’ll look great!

For example, make sure your shot is well-lit. I’m not talking big Hollywood studio lights. At the very least, don’t make it look like you’re streaming from a hole in the ground.  I recommend setting up your cam in front of a window. That soft, natural lighting is perfect for porn! I used to just gather all the lamps I could find in my apartment and put them all around my room and honestly, it didn’t look bad!

Next is audio. It’s usually the last thing people think about, but it really makes a difference. With a medium like streaming, the conversation aspect is a big part of the experience and a decent microphone (or anything better that your built-in laptop mic) will really add a more professional feel to your stream. I also like to play music while I cam. It’s a great way to add your own personal flair to your show and help deal with boredom on a slow day.

But even if you have the best, most expensive equipment, if you’re a bag of potatoes on cam, you’re just going to be a well-lit bag of potatoes. Your personality and presence is really what will shine through, no matter your budget!

Pros & Cons About Camming

For me, webcam modeling offers me so much freedom, both financially and personally. In our current society where it’s often very difficult for trans people to find jobs, let alone move up in a workplace; I, a trans woman,  am now an independent business owner who has the ability to grow my brand, take time off when I want, and make money doing something I love. I feel privileged to be able to do what I do. I’ve grown and learned so much about myself, my sexuality, and met so many great people along the way.

As much as I love it, there are definitely downsides. If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’re probably aware that a lot of people suck. I’ve dealt with my fair share of transphobia, misogyny and hate in my chat, and for the most part I just block and brush it off, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t get to me sometimes. It’s easy to get sucked in a black hole, especially when your job consists of sitting in your room for hours on end. It’s really important to take time to focus on your mental health and take breaks when you need to. That being said, the trolls are a very slim minority, and the majority of my streams are very positive.

Advice For Beginners

Live streaming is such a new and exciting technology, and I recommend taking advantage of the medium to its fullest! Anyone can look up porn video and get off in a few minutes, but the beauty of streaming is the personal interaction aspect. The majority of my show is simply talking with my audience and joking around, not because I’m getting filthy rich off of it, but because I have fun doing it! And if you’re having fun, being yourself, and doing your stream how you want to, it will leave more of a lasting impact.

Demi The Human – Demi The Human is a transgender cam-model, adult actress, independent porn producer and musician from the midwest. She streams regularly on Chaturbate, has content up for sale on Manyvids and produces electronic music under her alias, Floraviolet.

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Demi The Human is a transgender cam-model, adult actress, independent porn producer and musician from the midwest. She streams regularly on Chaturbate, has content up for sale on Manyvids and produces electronic music under her alias, Floraviolet.


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