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3 Reasons Why You’re Not Having Amazing Sex and What You Can Do About It


3 Reasons Why You’re Not Having Amazing Sex and What You Can Do About It

Your relationship may have begun like countless others do, when it’s all rosy, the loving is good, and you’re keen to get each other’s clothes off at the nearest opportunity. After a certain amount of time, this can all start to fade out.

Listen, the first thing to do is not to worry if all the mind-blowing sex you’ve been having up until recently isn’t happening anymore. It’s common for the excitement to die off a bit, which can result in fewer passionate encounters with your partner.

There can be some interesting and rather surprising reasons you’re not enjoying such high levels of high-quality sex, and if nothing else, it’s quite enlightening to see what could be at fault.

Let’s take a look and see what it is that might be causing your sex life to be dwindling and how you can go about amending the issues.

  1. How are you sleeping?

Sleep is one of those things that can be taken for granted in life. It’s ever so easy to let quality sleep fall by the wayside, and once this happens, just like stress, it can bring about all manner of problems.

Falling short of the required amount of sleep can leave you irritable and feeling somewhat touchy. Feeling touchy, isn’t great when all you want is to be touched the right way again and get amazing sex back in your life, right?

Did you know that almost a quarter (23%) of people in a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 Sleep in America poll confirmed that their partner’s sleeping habits forced them to sleep somewhere else in the home? Now, if you’re not even in the same room, how can you expect the sexual sparks to fly?

Wrestling with lack of sleep will dent your chances of intimacy, and you’ll definitely not be able to maintain anything like the consistent sexual encounters you’d like to be indulging in with your partner any time soon!

What can you do about it?

Sleep is there to help your dreams come true while you’re asleep and while you’re awake! Make your bedroom a sanctuary by encapsulating dark, quiet, sleep-friendly traits. If your other half snores, then you can find out plenty on the ideal mattress to overcome this when you visit

  1. Is stress getting in the way?

Stress can come into your life through all kinds of reasons and, unfortunately, you can’t prevent it sometimes. Stress can come from too much going on at work, family problems, or even some misunderstandings that are yet to be resolved with your significant other.

Both men and women can try to juggle too many things all at one time, and this can work for a while, but when it comes to being sexually active having too much going on is not conducive to experiencing amazing sex that you used to have.

What can you do about it?

First of all, you might need to sit down and evaluate what it is that might be causing you to be stressed out. If it’s work; look to lighten the load, for example. If it’s your lover, then air out the issues that might be surrounding the relationship and then work them out together.

You might want to look at spicing things up or trying something new that will reignite the fire. It’s often the case that getting some super sex will suddenly destress you, helping you to see clearer and relax.

  1. Do you need a digital detox?

It’s a modern world and with that comes the demands of keeping up to date with social media platforms as well as potentially never being fully disconnected from your work, what with emails, calls and apps ready to disturb you during your downtime.

This has the ability to interfere with your sublime sex life. So, if you find yourself checking your phone constantly, emailing, online shopping, watching TV, not paying attention to your belle or beau, and generally finding that you’ve probably become slightly addicted to the digital life, then it’s really time to change.

What can you do about it?

Letting tech get into bed with you effectively moves sex out of it. In other words; to have sex that you had when things were starting out, you just need to start making the small changes that can make a big difference.

It’s probable that you want to up the lovemaking stakes, so just bear in mind that your bedroom is, and always should be, strictly reserved for sleep and sex.

Featured image courtesy of Sarah Cummings

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