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Being An Exhibitionist – Getting Naked On Cam


Being An Exhibitionist – Getting Naked On Cam

My views towards sex are very broad and open. I don’t really have any set views on sex, asides from that it is different with everyone and that I would never judge someone based on what they enjoy; or what their own views are towards the topic. I am very comfortable when it comes to any area related to sex, but that doesn’t mean that the next person is, and that is perfectly okay. For myself, sex is an experience to connect with someone in such an intimate way, and it’s something I want to share with very few people in my life. For someone else they might view sex in a complete opposite way. I think it’s actually kind of interesting how unique it can be from person to person. This is why it is so hard for me to really answer this question, because there are so many different views, I don’t think I could limit myself to only view sex in one way.

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How I Got Into Exhibitionism

I didn’t realize exhibitionism was a thing until I got sucked into the world of webcam girls. It started after following a more popular girl on Instagram, at first I didn’t even realize that she was a cam girl on MFC. That’s when my general interest in camming came about, and it wasn’t until months later that I actually got in front of the camera. As far as becoming interested in exhibitionism, it kind of just happened I suppose. During one of my first few shows I felt so comfortable being naked, even in front of dozens of viewers, it was so empowering. I felt admired, and above all sexy. It is definitely thrilling to be watched, and those first few shows online made me realize how much of a turn on it actually was.

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Being Naked Turns Me On

There is practically an endless list as to why being naked turns me on, and I really think everyone should feel like that. Being able to just be naked is so freeing, it’s a person’s natural state and everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.  Being able to feel comfortable and confident while naked is probably top on the list. Not only is feeling confident in myself a bit of a turn on, but when my partner is also confident being nude, it’s a huge turn on. The saying “confidence is key” definitely rings true for me.

Next on the list is definitely just loving my naked body as is, yes I might have chubby thighs and a bit of a tummy, but I absolutely love it all. The natural curve of my body, mixed with my little round booty is a top turn on. Everyone is made differently and there is beauty in that, this is the only body I have, so why shouldn’t I feel sexy. The fact that I can share what I love about myself with other people, both in person and online is amazing, and if that gets me going, then so be it.

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My First Exhibitionist Experience

The first time I ever logged online, I never actually got naked, it was more of a, get my feelers out sort of experience, and that alone was terrifying. The awesome members that visited my room made it so much easier, along with a few shots of liquid courage. My first experience with exhibitionism was my second show on MFC. I don’t remember the details, but it was definitely nerve wracking. Before that moment I had never been naked in front of more than one person at a time. At first I was slightly uncomfortable, but shortly after that initial moment I realized how exciting and fun it was. From there it kind of just grew, I realized I loved the way being naked in front of others made me feel. After really successful shows, the after glow kind of makes you feel like a sex goddess, its kind of like a high so to speak. Now I don’t really cam for the money, its more for the fun of the whole experience, and to hangout with my regular viewers.

Naked on Cam and in Public?

I have yet to get naked in public, and I don’t know if I ever will. Comparing the two, and my own experiences, I would think they are very different. When I’m on cam, yes there are real people there, but they are in different parts of the world behind a computer screen not in the same room as me. Getting naked online almost seems slightly more private or intimate, rather than being fully exposed in a public place. With that being said, I would definitely commend and support someone who was into getting naked in a truly public place. Everyone is into different things, I think that’s what makes us unique, and if you are into that, you go girl! (Or guy!)

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Tips To Being Comfortable On Cam

I would say just go for it! Maybe start small and work your way up. Everyone has different comfort levels, so I think just stepping outside of that comfort zone is a good start. I can’t speak for all cam girls, but for myself, I rarely just jump online butt naked. Get to know your crowd a little bit and work your way up to full blown nudity, I find its easier like that. After the first time or two, it goes from nerve wracking and daunting to comfortable, fun and exciting. Other than that I don’t think there is anything else I can say about it, I think you are either into it, or not. I just don’t take myself to seriously, and have a good time; I think that’s all that matters with this sort of thing.


Being Naked Improves Your Sex Life!

That would be a definite yes. It’s not that I was uncomfortable before, but learning to love my body, and becoming a bit of an exhibitionist has definitely improved my confidence in bed. This allows me to be more open with any potential partner(s). In any relationship sexual or not, openness is a big factor, and exploring exhibitionism has allowed me to expand what I enjoy when it comes to sex. Not only in my sex life, but also in most things I no longer limit myself to close-minded thoughts like I used to, which I think leads to a happier life. Being a cam girl and an exhibitionist makes me happy, and in reality, if anyone is happy, which for me directly translates to a better sex life.

Hey! My name’s Kim, But most of my online friends know me Shady Daisy. I’m a webcam model on MyFreeCams, only part time but I absolutely love it. Great music and good times, I hope I can get to meet you in my room sometime! Always up for some good company! Follow me on:

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Hey! My name's Kim, But most of my online friends know me as Shady Daisy. I’m a webcam model on MyFreeCams, only part time but I absolutely love it. Great music and good times, I hope I can get to meet you in my room sometime! Always up for some good company!


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