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Be impressed with the all-rounder babe Elizabeth Boon


Be impressed with the all-rounder babe Elizabeth Boon

Who is Elizabeth Boon?

Freelance Emcee. Lifestyle Writer. Fashion Fiasco. Self-Deprecating. Self-Loving.

I write for Cleo as the magazine’s ambassador. I write about love, life, food, fitness, fashion and everything in between. I’m pursuing a degree in Communications & New Media at NUS. When I’m not sleeping, studying, or fighting the urge to buy a Nobel Prize online (yes, you can actually do that), I’m usually working.

I’m a freelance emcee. I picked up hosting when I realized one of my very limited talents was speaking well. I’ve hosted international and local events, like the 28th SEA Games, Baybeats, YFest and TYR Southeast Asian Swimming Championships. I’ve hosted media launches, festivals, beauty pageants, competitions and roadshows. I’ve hosted videos and recorded voice-overs.

I’m interested in all dimensions of the media. I’ve been a freelance graphic designer, actress and model. I’ve dabbled in photography and production. I’ve also helped produced videos for the F1 Grand Prix.

It might not seem like much but if you keep my self-deprecating personality in mind, you could be rather impressed at this point.


What’s one fun fact about yourself?

Don’t expect me to be a feminine dainty thing because I grew up with two brothers so I’m quite the opposite. I spent every Sunday taking Karate lessons as a kid and stopped only when I got my black belt.

Your most memorable highlight or achievement so far?

One time I stopped myself from pouncing on a guy carrying a box of donuts.

No, but really, I think it would be hosting the 28th SEA Games earlier this year. That was an amazing experience – the opportunity to meet and work with people from so many countries and the chance to be exposed to so many different cultures all at once.

Do you have any preferred fashion style?

I like to keep to a clean minimalist style. I prefer monochrome pieces – my wardrobe’s filled with them.

What’s your secret to looking so fabulous?

I don’t know about looking fabulous but I work towards having a good amount of confidence and offering genuine smiles. I think that’s the secret to feeling good about yourself and hopefully that’s all it takes to look great.

Three fun facts about yourself not many people know of?

I love a good pint of stout. I have about zero tolerance for sugary cocktails.

I am a total sucker for truffle anything. Baby you could add that to any dish and I would be on the floor gasping for air waiting to inhale that.

I’m 23 years old but I still choke on water and get soap in my eye. I don’t know why people trust me to make important decisions.

If you had the chance to time travel, past or present, where will it be?

I’ve always thought of travelling to the past – but not too far back – just far enough that I could pop up and impress everyone with my knowledge of modern inventions and maybe claim some credit for life-saving inventions like the pop-up toaster, or peanut butter.


How big is your shoe collection

If you ask the boys at home: too big.

If you ask me: not big enough.

I have a few expensive branded pairs but I have more from Steve Madden and Dr Martens. I love my heels and platforms but I have days where boots or comfy kicks are all that I need.

What’s the sexiest thing in your wardrobe?

I’m going to be really disappointing here and admit there’s almost nothing. Sorry!

Your favourite body part?

The mouth because there’s where all the eating/tasting happens.

Or the eyes. I love looking into another person’s eyes because everything is conveyed there.

What’s sexy to you?

A good sense of humor and chivalry. Some people may reject gentlemanly acts as a part of the whole feminism movement. I’ve heard about a girl chastising a male friend for opening the car door for her – “ I can do it myself!” Girl, you obviously can but it doesn’t mean the sweet gesture shouldn’t be appreciated. I like being treated like a lady and a man’s chivalry shouldn’t undermine any female’s confidence.

Also, confidence and a genuine smile.

I just started my website so if you’d like to read more about me or find out what I’m up to, hop on

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