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Import model Jojo Dela Cruz heats things up


Import model Jojo Dela Cruz heats things up

Import model Jojo Dela Cruz talks about her favourite lingerie, personal style and love for traveling in this sexy interview. Find out more about her below.

Hi Jojo, thank you for taking your time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Please share with us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Me in a nutshell… born in Saipan, raised in the country-side of Maui, Hawaii. Just a small island girl chasing big dreams wherever they lead me, anywhere around the world. Driven by ambition and curiosity, but grounded by family, you can find me running around on a wild adventure or just as easily sitting relaxing at a family BBQ.

I’ve been modeling for almost 6 years and am so grateful for the talented people and amazing experiences that have come my way in such a short time. I got my start at 18 because of my hair. At the time it was down to my knees (yes, it was a production every time I showered) and a local artist wanted to paint me for a mural. One thing led to another and here I am.

Outside of modeling, I’m doing everything I can to travel. Quick confession; I’m terrified of flying. It wasn’t until May of this year that I was able to get on a plane and leave Hawaii! But, I did it. Now I have the travel bug and I’m making my list of new adventures and modeling gigs every day. Reaping the reward for facing my fears, right?


How will you describe your personal style?

I love the term Classy Sexy. As much as I do lingerie shoots and love to show a little skin, there is something to be said about presenting yourself as a “queen,” (personality to match) as my boyfriend always challenges me to be. Sorry guys, I’m happily taken. I like fitted apparel that compliments my body, but covers enough to allow a little room for the imagination. I also have a ton of male friends in my life that never hesitate to tell me when I need to put on more clothes!!

But don’t put me in a box. Again, I’m just an island girl that grew up a tom-boy for most of my teenage years. Didn’t even start wearing make-up until my senior year of high school. When I’m not going out, give me a hoodie or a tank-top, some leggings and matching kicks. Yes, I said matching kicks. Even my gym outfits. I am still a girl after all.


Which is one highlight of your modeling career so far?

In my most recent two photo-shoots, I have been able to connect with a wonderful San Diego photographer named, Percival (@percival_). We were able to do some really fun and off-the-wall, sexy stuff at his studio, breakfast cereal included (check our instagrams). Then we snuck onto a rooftop to shoot right under the flight path. There were planes practically landing on top of us. I hope I gave the travelers a good welcome to San Diego.

There are some new things in the works that will hopefully propel me to a whole new level. Keep in touch, follow me. It’s only the beginning.


When you can’t think of anything to wear, what do you choose?

I assuming I speak for most girls when I say I get frustrated, throw a mini tantrum, then sit naked on my bed losing any desire to leave the house. But, if I must pick, my go-to outfit that dominates my wardrobe is a simple crop-top and jeans or leggings. Since I live in year-round warm weather, I don’t really have seasonal clothing choices.


Do you have a favorite set of lingerie?

Doesn’t every girl? If not, they should. And it should change often or you aren’t shopping enough. Wasting money on clothes is one thing. Investing in your self-confidence (and your man’s happiness) is another. Right now, I have this wonderful pink corset and garter slip. Delish.


Do you get a lot of guys checking you out and coming on to you when you’re out?

You could say that. Not because I’m a model. I’m simply a 23 year old women in the nightlife and import car show scene. Let’s just say I’m swimming with a lot of sharks. I do consider myself lucky to have a lot of great guy friends that look out for me and don’t expect anything in return except bad jokes and the occasional introduction to other girls. I think I make a great wingman.

If you could do anything in this world, it will be to?

Travel it. The whole thing. Experience every culture. Meet different people, hopefully bond with a lot of children too. Then figure out how I can spend my older years teaching or working with the youth of this world in some form.


What do you do in your free time when you’re not modeling?

The daily routine… Roll around my bed for awhile. Get motivated and make my checklist for the day. Workout at 24 Hour Fitness. Search for any new Ramen place I haven’t eaten. Take a little nap (love a midday snooze). Then work at a great little karaoke bar in Honolulu called, Blue Ribbon. And, of course, a lot of trips to California.

The long-term stuff… Network and hustle to find more modeling opportunities. It never ends and it doesn’t just drop in your lap. Right now, I’m also working on my new website and various new products. So much more in the works. Exciting!!

Outside of that, I’m saving, planning and prepping to accomplish the world travels I wrote about in the answer to the question above.


It’s a pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy, Jojo. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Great question. To me, sexiness – in men or women – is the perfect blend of confidence and vulnerability. Yes, that’s a standard, generic answer, but it is true. It’s not just about the looks, I’ve met plenty of “hot” people that are not sexy at all. And vice-versa.

Sexiness comes from inside and shines through, making the person more attractive and magnetic. Sexiness make you draw closer without always being able to pinpoint exactly what it is. The way someone smiles has to be warm and inviting with both their mouth AND their eyes. It’s the laugh that makes you laugh and their touch that makes you never want to let go.

Good looks satisfy the eyes. Sexiness satisfies the soul. That, in my opinion, is sexy.

P.S. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. It’s been fun!

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Images courtesy of Jojo Dela Cruz

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