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South African hottie Nthaby Patience Serobedi


South African hottie Nthaby Patience Serobedi

My name is Nthaby Patience Serobedi aka MissD.  I was raised and grew up in Hammanskraal but currently reciding in Rustenburg.  I am 30 years old.  I am a freelance model and I love cricket.

What’s the one fun fact about you

I talk a lot, sometimes non-stop . Once I’m in the mood, it’s hard for me to stop talking.


What turns you on ?

A healthy clean body with abbs …mmmmm.

Craziest thing you have ever done?

A long time ago, me and a friend used to climb on top of tables when we dance (anywhere).


Favourite drink?

Red dry wine.

Spit or swallow?

I don’t think I am capable of swallowing.


Sweet , salty or a little bit of both?

I am a sweet girl, I have a sweet tooth.

Which movie character best represent you?

Vivian Ward – Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman  (I am waiting for my price charming to sweep me off my feet).


Worst rejection you’ve faced?

A lot, “we can see that you are talented and we would like to sign on our agency but you stay outside Gauteng and we only work with models who lives in Gauteng. We wish you luck “

Must have in your wardrobe

I am a dress freak … I am a recovering dress addict. I have stopped buying dresses but I still have a lot.


What’s sexy to you?

Confidence is the sexiest thing one can have.

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