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Steamy Underthings for Swingers


Steamy Underthings for Swingers

While you are happy in your relationship and feeling quite secure, one day you may discover that you and your partner are craving and have a hankering to turn up the heat and share in something new and erotic. While you long to make the acquaintance of someone new, truth be told, you are envisioning fornication. You are both open to discussions all the while communicating your secrets, your most inner thoughts and the fascinating illusions of what might transpire from this. You decide to head out to an adult club to try a hand at something new. There are a variety of clubs and they all have rules, so do check in first with reference to the dress code.

Regardless of what street clothes you’re wearing outside of this adult night spot, you’ll most definitely be leaving them behind shortly after reaching the door so make certain that whatever you have on, as Shakira once sang ‘underneath your clothes’ is the bomb-diggity of sexy because all eyes are going to be on you and if you are looking provocative and perhaps even a bit even risqué, all heads will definitely turn.

Finding the right piece of lingerie is key to feeling confident and sensual. You want to look like eye candy. Not only are you eager to step outside of the box, you are preparing to be the icing on the cake, the dessert of all desserts, the crème de la crème. With this in mind, the right piece of lingerie is crucial. You want to engage in this gathering place and get to know new people and you want to make a statement. Your goal is to give them a peek and allow them to harbor erotic thoughts of lust for you.

Remember, this isn’t something that you’re wearing for your partner alone in the bedroom tonight, and he/she is not going to be the only one undressing you with his/her eyes. Tonight, all eyes are going to be on you so be prepared to stand out looking everything from alluring to voluptuous.

Regardless of your gender, the array of lingerie both for men and women can be quite seductive. Looking sexy is one thing, nonetheless you must feel sexy just as well and this all comes from within by being confident. You don’t want to just look like everyone else there, you want to stand out and give them something to fantasize about, all the while they are already conjuring a way to meet you and get cozy.

What to Wear:

Guys, heading in, you can wear collared shirts or a polo shirt, just not t-shirts. Some clubs allow jeans as long as they are notsexy man baggy and way down your crack, which needless to say is tacky and will probably get you turned away at the door. Remember, ideally you want to come across as classy. You do not want to walk in looking like a member of the boy band Kris Kross. Do remember a nice pair of underwear such as boxers, boxer briefs, and or perhaps a pair of boxers and a satin robe. You can also wear sexy role-play costumes to draw ones attention. This will show your playful side.

8504-CHAM-F-365x547Ladies, you want to be the cats’ meow. Looking desirable enough to eat is a prerequisite of your dress ensemble, nevertheless, keep in mind that most men still like it simple. This outfit and lingerie selection that you make is going to play a pivotal role. Wear a dress or skirt with stockings and do wear heels. There is nothing in this world that men love more than to hunger for a woman draped in sexy clothes, especially when this choice includes stockings and garters. Be selective, most definitely.

When you make your lingerie choice, make certain that the color choice is as flattering on you as is the lingerie itself. Make sure that it is in the right size, never too small or too large. Allow it to hug your curves and expose every crevice. You want to be the eye candy that every couple there craves.

If you are seeking sexy lingerie at discounted prices; might I strongly suggest a few of our favorite selections for gals and guys? Whether it is lingerie undergarments or a sexy bedroom costumes, you’ll look succulent. At Simply Delicious Lingerie, we offer an assortment of sexy intimate apparel that is sensational.  Click on the following images to find out more!


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Michele Savin

Michele Savin, born and raised a Youngstown Ohio native, currently residing in Cleveland Ohio is a single mother of two children both residing in NYC. Besides running her two online lingerie stores; Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie (a plus size boutique) she enjoys concerts, sporting events, travel, cooking and gardening. In her free time when she is not jet setting abroad or to a tropical island somewhere on vacation she is in Manhattan (her second home) spending quality time with family. Her children are her rock and her true inspiration and they are what makes her push herself more every day. No strangers to retail and social media networks, they give her guidance with her businesses. Her son, a business major in the elite retail fashion industry of Manhattan and a daughter, a marketing major with the NFL. Michele's goals are to continue educating women and men about intimate apparel and underthings, to promote sexy lingerie at discounted prices so that all women can afford intimate apparel and to inspire women to feel confident about their body regardless of her shape, size and weight. Get in touch with Michele via email at


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